I would like to personally welcome you to KnowNothing.Net. This website is my personal website where I expose unethical companies and individuals. It’s a shame that we live in a world where ethics are becoming more and more rare as well as common sense becoming not so common.  It has gotten to the point to where criminal activity is the accepted norm and honesty is considered the trait of a trouble maker.

Most of the companies or individuals on this website I’ve had personal dealings with. I’ve made attempts to resolve the matters, however, the individual(s) or company decided to continue to be unethical. That’s when I decided to post the incident on my website.

In the past the individual(s) or company were usually notified via e-mail or postal mail of their listing on this website. I’m in the process of developing a rebuttal system where they will be able to submit a rebuttal electronically. In the case of incorporated businesses (i.e. Inc. or LLC), the login for the rebuttal system will be sent to the registered agent on file with the Secretary of State of the state they are incorporated in.

I’ve added some video content. The videos are in reference to different subjects that can assist the consumer or anyone that is interested in the truth. If you know of a video or video topic that you would like to see then please contact me. The videos that I have posted are through Hulu and other free (and legal) video broadcasting services. I cannot just upload any video that you like as that would be violating copyright law.

I’m currently in the process of writing a series of books on consumer law. The books will teach you how to research companies and fight them in small claims court should you need to take it that far. Almost all of the resources that will be mentioned in the book are free. The exception is where some states do charge to access their database. For any commercial resources, but are not government related, I will list a free alternative. I will also explain if there are any advantages to using the commercial resource over the free resource.

I have a YouTube video below. The video is of a Twisted Sister song, We’re Not Going To Take It! This song expresses how I feel about con artists, ripoff companies, and unethical individuals. I feel that it’s time for us to no longer take it from these unscrupulous individuals. I believe it’s time for people get up and start fighting for their rights.

If you have any questions or comments then feel free to contact me. You can send me an email via the contact page or contact me via Skype.  I would like to encourage you to post your complaints about companies on RipOffReport.com.