KnowNothing.Net is about American politics.  The American political  system has become a corrupt cesspool of profiteering gluttons.  This great nation has been chopped up, packaged, and sold to the highest bidder.  If you want to know why many politicians vote the way they do then just follow the money trail.  At the end of that trail you’ll find the puppet master

While there are a number of political parties, America is still considered a two-party system: Democrats and Republicans.  For over forty years the Republican party has done what they could to sell out the meat of the U.S. and cater to the 1%.  The oddest part of it all is that there are still many of the 99% who are low or middle class wage earners that vote Republican.  Their reasons are often based upon false information that’s perpetuated by Republican politicians and the ill-informed.

The main goal of KnowNothing.Net is to expose the truth about the American political system.  Opinions will be based upon facts and evidence.  Sources will be cited.  This way, anyone can validate statements made.

I will discuss various political-related topics on my podcast.  Each podcast will be available to listen to on this website.  In addition, a text version of the podcast (not a full transcript) will also be available.  The text version of the podcast will make it easier for the presentation of information such as images, links to websites, and so forth.