FAQs – General

Are you a private investigator?
No. I am not a private investigator nor do I hold any legal certifications that are remotely akin to any legal or law enforcement official. I am simply a consumer that got tired of being ripped off.  After getting ripped off a bit over the years, I decided to use my talent of research and computers to investigate unethical companies. I then post my findings here on this website.
Don't you have better things to do with your time?
This question I have typed up in response to those that oppose this website as well as my persistent attitude towards unethical people.

In general, the answer would have to be yes and no. At times I do have other things that I have to do. During those times I spend time doing what needs to get done instead of working on this website. When I have the free time I then work on this website.

As I have told people before, “No one twisted your arm to visit the website. You can just as easily visit another website as you visited mine.” If someone is that opposed to my views then they can create their own website and blast their opinion all over cyberspace.

What is KnowNothing.Net?
KnowNothing.Net is my personal website where I publish my investigations about unethical people, companies, and organizations.