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Investigative Report of A&G Rentals

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Business Name A&G Rentals, LLCCreative Properties, LLC
Business Owners Shane Alfred
Lonny Gaudet
Address P.O. Box 2815, Morgan City, LA 70381
Phone 985-397-1601 Shane Alfred
337-962-5896 Lonny Gaudet
Fax Unknown
Website Unknown
Email Shane Alfred – [email protected]
Lonny Gaudet – [email protected]
Type of business Property Rentals


What I found odd was the use of a private company e-mail address (i.e. conradindustries.com) being used in personal/private business that is unrelated to Conrad Industries. Most companies frown upon this. The contact information (including e-mail address) is listed on the original papers Shane Alfred and Lonny Gaudet gave to residents when they took over the property.


Street View of Conrad Aluminum | A&G Rentals Owner, Shane Alfred, Is HR Director
A&G Rentals is a company owned by Shane Alfred and Lonney Gaudet. Around 2007 they purchased the rental property that my home resides on. I have only met Lonny Gaudet once. I met him and Shane Alfred when they went door-to-door notifying people of their purchase of the property. Shane Alfred I have met only twice. The time when he and Lonny Gaudet introduced their self and once when I had to go to his office at Conrad Industries to make a payment.

Around the middle of December 2011 I had to make a payment. I made the payment at Shane Alfred’s HR office at Conrad Industries. Mr. Alfred made a comment of, “What are your intentions?” I asked him to clarify. He made this statement out of the blue. He then asked, “What are your intentions with your trailer?” I asked him to be more specific. He finally said what was on his mind. He made an inaccurate statement that my trailer was the worst looking one in the trailer park. This is a completely inaccurate statement. The fact of the matter is my mobile home does not look as nice as the outside of his overpriced rental trailers which he charges $650/month for the rental of the trailer and very small lot space.

I stated to Mr. Alfred that when I would receive my income tax I would be doing work on my trailer. He replied, “You have three months.” I had assumed three months from around income tax time. After all, if you are giving someone three months to do work and they have stated they will not have any money to do such work until two months later, then you are really not giving them three months.

On February 28, 2012 I received a certified letter (view letter) with the return address of A&G Rentals but the name of “Creative Properties.” In the envelope (view envelope) was a letter from A&G Rentals that stated because of the condition of my trailer that I had six months to vacate the property.

I noticed that the letter was very unprofessionally typed. First was the mixing of company names. The envelope stated Creative Properties but with the address of A&G Rentals. The letterhead as well as the closing salutation was A&G Rentals. Next was a lack of a date. There was no date anywhere on the letter indicating the date that it was typed. Next was referring to me as “Tenant” instead of a more professional tone of “Mr. Hillebran.” Finally, the letter was not signed. The closing salutation was simply typed as “A&G Rentals, LLC” with the listing of the principals of the LLC: Shane Alfred and Lonny Gaudet.

Upon receiving this letter I called Shane Alfred up to ask him what was going on. After all, he did state I had three months. His response was, “It’s close enough.” In other words, Shane Alfred has no problem lying and going back on his word. To him an entire three weeks means nothing. I see this as a very untrustworthy businessman. How can you tell someone three months and then three weeks before this date you go back on your word because it’s “close enough” to the deadline?

A&G Rentals Investigative Report Updates
October 20, 2012
A bit has happened since I originally posted this article about Shane Alfred, Lonny Gaudet, and their companies A&G Rentals, LLC and Creative Properties, Inc. Since that time Shane Alfred seems to have decided that he is above the law and had my mobile home illegally removed by a mobile home moving and sales company called JDS Mobile Homes out of Berwick, LA. In Louisiana there’s a three-step process to eviction:

  1. Landlord must give a notice to vacate (LA CCP 4701)
  2. If tenant does not vacate or vacate their property then a request for a hearing must be filed with the local Justice of the Peace (which we don’t have in Morgan City, LA) or filed in the local court (LA CCP 4731). This procedure was NOT followed by Mr. Shane Alfred nor his business partner Lonny Gaudet.
  3. If tenant does not vacate property or vacate with their property as ordered by court or JP, then they can be forcefully evicted by law enforcement (LA CCP 4732).

Mr. Shane Alfred only completed step 1. He gave a notice to vacate, which I received on February 28, 2012. As mentioned in the original report, this notice was in breach of a verbal agreement Shane Alfred made on December 22, 2012.

Around September 12, 2012 Shane Alfred posted two notices on the front door of my mobile home. The first one appeared to be a modified version of the original eviction notice that I received on February 28, 2012. The original eviction notice (view here) was not dated or had any signatures on it. The one Shane Alfred posted around September 12, 2012 (view here) was dated at the top with “2/24/2012” and the bottom contained his signature.

With the modified original eviction notice Shane Alfred had another notice (view here). This notice was dated September 12, 2012 and gave me five days to move my mobile home from the property. Once again, another example of how Shane Alfred is not very good at typing up correspondences and notices.

Five days from September 12, 2012 would be on or around September 17, 2012, right? If you’re Shane Alfred then you have some odd backwards calendar. First sentence of the second paragraph states, “You have five (5) days from the date this notice is served to vacate the premises by May 19, 2012.” Did you read that? Five days from September 12, 2012 is May 19, 2012. This man allegedly has a college degree and yet he can’t count to five?

On September 25, 2012 I phone Shane Alfred to inquire to him having my trailer illegally moved. Mr. Shane Alfred responded that it was legal because he had given me several months notice. I responded by letting him know time was irrelevant. It didn’t matter if he had given me several years’ notice. As I previously stated, he did follow the first step in the law by sending me the notice to vacate (even though the notice was in breach of an agreement). He seems to think that just because he followed one part of the law that he can simply ignore the rest of the law. There’s a reason for the laws. You can’t pick and choose which steps to follow.

I notified Mr. Shane Alfred that I would be seeking legal action against him for his violation. He responded, “OK. That’s fine.” He seems to not care that legal action will be sought against him for his violations. He also seems to think that he can ignore the law because he gives someone more time than is required to vacate.

On October 10, 2012 at 2:09 P.M. I sent a certified letter to Mr. Shane Alfred and Mr. Lonny Gaudet. The letter of demand spelled out their violations and gave them the opportunity to resolve the matter out of court. The letter was submitted to the address that is used by the company for payments (P.O. Box 2815, Morgan City, LA, 70381).

Per the USPS the letter was received on October 15, 2012 at 11:53 A.M (view tracking information). Per the return receipt I received, the letter was signed for by Shane Alfred (view return receipt). In the letter I gave Shane Alfred and Lonny Gaudet two weeks (14 days) from the date of the receipt of the letter to respond.

On October 11, 2012 about 3:45 P.M. I contacted JDS Mobile Homes in regards to their moving of my mobile home. The lady said she would have to talk to her boss. She took down my name and phone number. By Monday, October 15, 2012 I had received no return call from JDS Mobile Homes. At around 12:45 P.M. on October 15, 2012 I phoned JDS Mobile Homes again. This time a male answered. He stated that everyone was at lunch. I explained to him the situation. He responded that I should talk to Shane Alfred about the matter. The issue is that Shane Alfred, to my knowledge, is not the one in possession of my mobile home. JDS Mobile Homes is in possession of my mobile home. He asked for my name and phone number and said he’d get someone to call me. To date I have received no phone call from JDS Mobile Homes. I had left my home and cell phone number.

October 31, 2012
On October 26, 2012 I made another attempt to contact JDS Mobile Homes. Past two attempts proved unfruitful as I had not received any calls back. I spoke with the secretary. I found out that my mobile home was moved on September 21, 2012. I notified the secretary that the mobile home was illegally removed as Shane Alfred did not follow proper procedure (i.e. CCP 4731).

I was told that the reason that Shane Alfred gave JDS Mobile Homes for the removal was that I was several months behind on the lot rent. This is a completely false statement. I was up-to-date until the last month. The last month the mobile home was on the property (September of 2012) was the only month that I had not paid for. Since the mobile home was removed on September 21, 2012, it was not on the property for a full month. Even if I had been several months behind as was stated, it still required Shane Alfred to follow the law. In any case the actual eviction notices, which are on this website, show that the reason was for what Shane Alfred considered not maintaining my mobile home.

On October 30, 2012 I personally delivered to JDS Mobile Homes a questionnaire that involves answers I may need when I file suit against Shane Alfred. Tuesday, October 30, 2012, was the last day that Shane Alfred and Lonny Gaudet had to respond to the proposal I had sent via certified mail. I gave them two weeks from the date they signed for the certified letter to respond. I have yet to receive any type of communication from Shane Alfred or Lonny Gaudet. I guess they believe that they are so right in their illegal actions that they can simply ignore any type of an attempt to resolve the matter out of court. In my opinion ignoring such a request is highly unprofessional of a business. If they believe they are so in the right then they could have at least responded to the proposal via a phone call or letter.

As soon as the responses from the questionnaire are received from JDS Mobile Homes I will be filing suit in the City of Morgan City small claims court.

November 15, 2012 4:09 P.M. (-600 GMT)
On November 13, 2012 I contacted Shane Alfred. I asked him what was going on. He ignored the certified letter I had sent him that he received on October 15, 2012. I stated to him that he had ignored my letter. He responded, “OK.”

I then informed him that when I file suit it will be against him personally and not his LLC as at the time he took the actions his LLC was not in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State for failure to file annual filings. As of November 9, 2011, the status of A&G Rentals, LLC was still “not in good standing.” According to the Louisiana Secretary of State the last time the report was filed was on September 13, 2011 (view report), almost two months after it was due.

This is no surprise to me. Mr. Shane Alfred seems to be so arrogant that it seems as if he feels he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. He ignores the State of Louisiana. He completely ignored my certified letter. A very unprofessional individual in my opinion.

When I notified Mr. Shane Alfred of his corporation’s status he responds in a cocky voice, “You need to look again.” Well, I just looked (November 15, 2012 at 3:44 P.M.) and it STILL says that his business is not in good standing with the state. Therefore, I think Mr. Shane Alfred needs to look again (if he even looked the first time).

Another thing Mr. Shane Alfred doesn’t realize is how the law works. Even if his corporation’s status would become “in good standing” before I file suit it’s irrelevant. The way the law works is that anything you do while your corporation is not in good standing you are personally liable for and are NOT afforded the legal protection of an incorporated business.

I then ask Mr. Shane Alfred about my porch. There was a porch attached to my mobile home. He stated that I needed to contact JDS Mobile homes about the porch. On November 13, 2012 at 11:01 A.M. I phoned JDS Mobile Homes. I spoke to the secretary that I had originally given the questionnaire to on October 30, 2012 (which I have yet to receive back). She remembered me, took my name and phone number down, and said someone would call me back. As of the writing of this update I have received no response back from JDS Mobile Homes. If the company did tear down my porch and discard the materials the porch was made of then I will be filing criminal charges against the company for destruction of private property and theft of private property.

I did write a letter to Conrad Industries. As I have previously-stated on this report I cannot feel a company to be trustworthy when they have someone such as Shane Alfred in a position such as HR Director. A person that has no problems lying to people, going back on his word, having such an arrogant and heartless attitude that it clouds normal logical judgment. You can view the letter I submitted to John P. Conrad, Jr, Registered Agent for Conrad Aluminum here.