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Business Name Easy Business Services
Business Owners Robert Mullaney
Address 825 NE 6th Avenue
City/State Cape Coral, FL
Zip code 33909
Phone 239-699-1089
Fax 239-242-6691
Website http://www.easybusinessservices.com
http://www.ebspromo.comSince this company rips people off it is NOT advisible that you purchase any products or services from these websites.
Email [email protected]
Type of business Online Memberships & Services



Contact information has been obtained via a WHOIS query.1


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On January 8, 2004, I came across a website which sold membership access to predesigned web templates. The website claimed that you get access to “…over 4,000 templates.” As evidence of the claim, I took a snapshot of the website, which you can view by clicking here.

At first I thought it was a great deal. Only $9.95 and access to all of those templates. I rarely use the whole template. I usually just use them to brainstorm my own design ideas. I paid for the service via PayPal. In about five minutes or so I was able to login to the website. I logged in and noticed that the downloads were individual “sets” zipped up.

I started to download the templates. I got through the first page of the templates and then started to unzip them on to my computer. I noticed a problem. Almost all of the templates from the “Templates with CSS – PSD Source Included!” were the same exact templates as the ones from the “Personal Template – PSD Source Included!” Furthermore, the “Business Templates” files contained the same exact templates as some of the “Personal Template” files as well as the “Clean Style Template.” In addition, some of the zipped archives of the “Corporate Style Templates” were in the “Business Templates” as well as the “Personal Templates.” This was a major issue to me.

I paid for access to “…over 4,000 templates.” I was expecting 4,000 different designs, not 4,000 copies of the same templates. On a technical level, you could say that one is provide the “number” of templates, but not templates with differences. That would be like a store saying, “We have over 2,000 products!” When you get there, you find that the store actually has about 2,000 pairs of red, green, and blue-colored socks all of the same make and design. Technically, the store does have “2,000 products.”

I contacted “support” in regards to the matter. I received the following response:

The 4,000 mark is an approximation. We have not been able to go through every package to see exactly how many there are as we have been busy adding more software to the site lately.

If one is going to “approximate” something, the “approximation” should either be noted or not used in a sales gimmick. Furthermore, from this person’s reply, it seems quite clear that they have no idea what they are really offering people.

I replied to the e-mail requesting a refund. What was told I would get for $9.95 and what I actually received were two different things. The reply to my refund request was the following:

I apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not offer refunds after items have been admittedly downloaded. Not to mention it was only 9.95 and that is a steal for any small portion of the templates and software.

In other words, since I admitted to downloading the product, I cannot get a refund. This goes to say, without a doubt, that premadewebtemplates.com ripped me off and lied to me (as well as anyone else whom has purchased this service from them). The person then goes to comment that $9.95 is a steal for any small portion of the templates. Anyone whom designs websites knows better. This person is correct in the statement of it being a “steal.” Since I was lied to my money was stolen from me.

I then proceeded to reply to the e-mail. I gave this person a warning if I did not receive a refund:


I can understand under normal circumstances that refunds are not given. But, under the circumstances of the website having false claims, I do feel a refund is due. If not, then I will be typing up a report on my website knownothing.net in regards to the scam, will be filing a report on ripoffreport.com, as well as will be filing a complaint with the BBB.

Their reply was the following:

You have admittedly downloaded items from our website. Not to mention that you have obviously downloaded a lot since you found the few duplicates in some of the packages that have slight variations.

Asking for a refund now is like asking for your money back after eating a meal you ate at a restaurant a week ago.

Do what you feel is necessary. Our policy is not to issue refunds once files have been downloaded from our member’s area. Otherwise scammers would be downloading from our site and requesting refunds all day long.

Thank you,
Customer Care

Once again, I know I admitted to downloading the product. However, they compare the matter to someone requesting the money back a week after they ate a meal. This scenario is nothing more than a pathetic excuse to try and defend their wrongdoings. Firstly, I notified them of the incident the same day I signed up for their service (1/8/2004). In addition, this scenario does not fit. If one would pay for a steak, eat it while being blindfolded and then later find out they really paid for a pork chop, they might want their money back. How else could one know if this website was telling the truth unless they download the product and looked at it?

They state they have a policy of no refunds because then people would be requesting refunds all day. Well, if you rip people off as they done to me, then you might get quite a few requests for refunds.

There is one main point I would like to note. I should have noticed this at the very beginning (before I purchased their junk). On the website, premadewebtemplates.com, there is not a single bit of contact information. The only way to contact them is to use their online form. If you do a WHOIS query on the domain premadewebtemplates.com, you will notice the following:

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration [email protected]
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N Hayden Rd., Suite 160
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax —

The person that runs the website is using what is known as a WHOIS guard. When you register a domain you can opt to have your personal information not shown. If needed for legal reasons, a person has to contact the company you register your domain with (in this case, Domains By Proxy). ANYTIME you see a “business” use this service, stay clear. It is my opinion that a business should have their contact information available to customers and potential customers.

I have sent a certified letter to Domains By Proxy today to request the information of the owner and to notify Domains By Proxy of the shady practices of their client. I will use this information to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as the Attorney General of the state this business resides (if US-based).

The only information I do know is that it seems as if the one person always responds to the customer support. The same e-mail address of [email protected] is always the reply address. The headers of the e-mail indicate that the Internet Service Provider is that of a Florida Sprint.net customer.

I urge anyone to stay clear from this dishonest company (premadewebtemplates.com). I have replied to the e-mail and notified them that their business is now listed on KnowNothing.Net as well as I have provided them instructions for posting a rebuttal.

July 22, 2005
It has been quite a few months since I have typed up how this investigation has progressed. Premadewebtemplates.com stated that they wanted their rebuttal before the actual report. That makes no sense. Why would you post a rebuttal BEFORE the report? How are people going to know what they are rebutting? Their e-mail stated the following:

I assume a link to our rebuttal will be inserted near the top of the original report as well. Otherwise, we will not bother replying to any other complaints posted to your site in the future.

I replied to them with the following:


Before I post the rebuttal, I will give you the chance to update the wording. I say this because you use the terms of “the customer.” A very general statement. I would like to inform you that the report I created was not from a complaint someone sent to me. This was based on an investigation I conducted of my personal experiences with your company. I am “the customer.” I do not consider myself being unreasonable. Ask yourself this questions: If you purchased a product and it was not at all as advertised, would you not want a refund? Would you not feel ripped off if you bought a product and it was not what the company advertised it to be?

In regards to my mentioning of the “titles”, I came to the conclusion that many of the files downloaded did contain the exact same templates when I actually unzipped them and looked at the contents of each file. My decision was based on my examination of the contents of each zipped archive, not merely by looking at the titles. I put the image up so that people could see what I was talking about. That is explained on my website.

One issue you did not even address was the fact that customer care even admitted that the “…over 4,000 templates” was an “approximation.” Furthermore, customer service even admitted that they had not going through all of the files so they did not know the full content. I find that to be sloppy work. If you are going to own a business, you SHOULD know what you are selling. Do not just throw files on a site and make false claims. As mentioned on the site, in the eyes of the law and business, that is considered misrepresentation as well as deceptive trade practices.

In regards to your e-mail address, I can understand the spam issue. I do have a JavaScript I will use to encode your e-mail address.

In response to your second e-mail asking where the link to the rebuttal will be posted, I have a standard of posting a rebuttal at the end of the article. Your threat of not responding anymore if a link is not put at the top is quite childish and unprofessional. Your actions will be posted to the website. Having such an attitude only looks negative on your business.

I have filed a dispute with PayPal. Unfortunately, since the matter deals with non-tangible products, it was immediately closed. It was stated, though, that it would go on your record. That is my main goal. I have also notified PayPal that if the charges were not reversed, then I would be filing a chargeback with my bank. I will refuse to be ripped off.

They did not seem happy that there are people like me out there that are willing to stand up to shady companies such as theirs. They responded with the following:

After doing a bit of research, we have found out that you are not permitted to post our email correspondence without consent. You never asked for our consent nor have we suggested that you can repost or email without our permission. Therefore we suggest you remove any text from our email massages you have seen fit to post on your report page located at https://www.knownothing.net/reports/pwtc.html That was the original URL of the Investigative Report on Easy Business Solutions

We will be contacting your ISP about this within the hour.

I did not even respond to that e-mail, however, twenty-seven minutes later, I received the following, childish, e-mail:

Net Access Corporation has received an abuse report regarding the unauthorized reposting of our email correspondence. Until our complaint has been resolved, we have nothing more to say regarding the matter.

Thank you,
Customer Care

Then, nine minutes later another e-mail from them:

If you post the contents of ANY messages received from our staff without prior consent, we will continue to pursue this course of action with your provider.

Thank you,
Customer Care

Is it me or do you think this shady business was determined to not have the truth told about them? Less than an hour later, my hosting was suspended. I was told by my host that I violated their TOS. I read their TOS quite a few times. The claim was that I violated their (premadewebtemplates.com) “Internet Privacy Rights.” I never violated any of their terms. I responded to them in regards to the matter, including the notification that there is no such thing as “Internet Privacy Rights.” If you send an e-mail to someone and they post it all over the Internet, there is no violation of a law. Unless the e-mail involves the disclosure of information of a client from a business, person to person communications is free reign. The only event which I can think of that would constitute a legal binding in person to person communications would be a disclosure in the e-mail stating that all communications are private. In this case, there was no such disclosure.

It seems to me that they lied to my host in regards to be violating their rights. They also lied about stating that I did not obtain permission to post their e-mail. I did obtain permission. In fact, I even had their rebuttal they sent to me to post.

In regards to my hosting account, the host I was with (iKiwi) stated that they would unsuspend my account if I agreed to remove that report and not post any reports similar. Well, the whole purpose of my site is to investigate shady businesses and warn others of them. If I cannot post “similar” reports, then it defeats even having them as a host. There is more in regards to this matter, but I will be typing up a separate report about hosts that do not care the least bit about freedom of speech or even abide by their own terms (resulting in breach of contract).

July 30/31, 2005
I have found that they no longer use PayPal. I personally feel that most probably many others filed complaints with PayPal against them. Then again, that is just my own personal feelings. I have noticed, though, that they run three other businesses. All of the businesses use WHOIS domain guard services so that you cannot find out their real information. The three businesses they run besides premadewebtemplates.com are:

  • Easy Tax ID [easytaxid.com] Website Down – They provide you an instant EIN (federal tax id) for only $4.95.
  • Easy Change of Address [easychangeofaddress.com] Website Down – They will submit the information for you to change your address. They try to get you to believe that their service helps you by using their service, paying them $4.95, and not having to fill out change of address cards. Well, you don’t have to pay them or fill out those cards. You can change your address for FREE online at the USPS (United States Postal Service) website. Click here to change your address for FREE! Personally, it looks like a scam. Look at the title page in this screenshot. For a “professional” business, they misspelled the word “change” to “chang.” I have filed an online complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspector’s Office.
  • Boats United [boatsunited.com] Website Down – Online site to allow you to sell your boat.

All of the businesses are hosted by Simple Tech Enterprises. Actually, they are all owned by Simple Tech Enterprises. How? Easy! Premadewebtemplates.com’s payment system is by “Easy Business Services.” On the “Easy Business Services” website, it states that “all the websites listed above are owned and operated by Easy Business Services”. [click here to see the screenshot].

Another way I have connected the websites is that I noticed that on the more info page of easychangeofaddress.com is listed a toll-free number you can call. The toll-free number listed is 866-467-8239. The Simple Tech Enterprises’ website “thank you” page, simp-tech.com/thankyou.html has the tech support phone number is 866-467-8239. Click here to see the side-by-side comparison. They don’t have any contact information on their home page, however, on the thank you page, there is contact information? I wonder if they forgot they put that there? Isn’t it customary for them to not have an “real” contact information? That’s the impression I get.

Now, we have some more information to go by. Maybe now we can see who the wizard is behind the green curtain. We have a toll-free number (rarely reverse traced), a regular phone number, and a fax number. I then proceeded to do reverse traces on the phone and fax number via whitepages.com:

Toll free: 866-467-8239
Phone: 239-699-1089
Fax: 239-242-6691

The phone does not reverse trace, however, it does lead to a number in Cape Coral Florida. The carrier is Sprint Spectrum, a wireless provider. The next number is the fax number, 239-242-6691. BINGO! I’ve hit the jackpot. The fax number traces to:

Mullaney, Robert
825 NE Sixth Ave
Cape Coral, FL 33909-2065

I know that this is the correct person because on a few of the e-mails I received a response to, the person signed their name as “Robert M., Customer Care.” In addition, according to the WHOIS information for the domain simp-tech.com, it belongs to Robert Mullaney:

Mullaney, Robert [email protected]
1019 SE 23rd Place
Cape Coral, Florida 33990
United States
Phone: [239] 699-1089
Fax: [239] 242-6691

Therefore, I must conclude that by them not providing full contact information on their website[s] as well as using the WHOIS privacy guard services I cannot recommend trusting this person/company[ies]. I would like to point out that greedy people like this that have their hands in so many pots eventually forget what information they were hiding in each business. I am not saying that it is a bad thing to invest in multiple businesses, after all, one is bound to succeed and other business will fail. However, it is a bad thing to have multiple businesses to try to rip people off [as in the case of premadewebtemplates], and then try and hide your real information. After a while, investigative people such as myself will find and analyse all the information and put things together.

October 11, 2010
It’s been a few years since I’ve checked up on the status of Easy Business Services, which I initially remember from a negative encounter with one of Mr. Robert Mullaney’s businesses, premadewebtemplates.com. I’ve slightly edited a previous update to reflect that the websites mentioned no longer appear to be active businesses. Back when this Investigative Report was originally written a lot of the information for Easy Business Services was not available. Currently it appears that the business is now incorporated. However, it appears that the shady tactics that were employed over five years ago have not subsided.

Easy Business Services was incorporated in to an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) on December 14, 20052, about three and a half months after my last update on this company. On May 2, 2007 Easy Business Services became a member of the Better Business Bureau. Currently they have an A rating with zero complaints filed against them. Does mean you should trust them? No! I lost confidence in the Better Business Bureau many years ago for not properly handling complaints or completely ignoring them.

As I normally do with any company I make sure all the information on a company checks out. First I check out easybusinessservices.com. Not much information on it. The website states that it is being redesigned. So, I go to my next source of information, a WHOIS query. The domain was registered on October 20, 2004 and has the following contact information:

Mullaney, Robert [email protected]
Easy Business Services
825 NE 6th Ave
Cape Coral, Florida 33909
United States
2396991089 Fax — 2392426691

The phone number and fax number have stayed the same, however, the address has changed. I check this information with the Better Business Bureau report and it shows the address of 825 NE 6th Ave, Cape Coral, Florida 33909. This is different from the original address of 1019 SE 23rd Place, Cape Coral, Florida 33990. I did a reverse trace on the phone number of 239-699-1089 on whitepages.com3. It came with the following information.

Ari Cohen
1019D SE 23rd Pl
Cape Coral, FL 33990-1957

In previous updates of this report that address was listed under the WHOIS information for the domain simp-tech.com (website down) that was registered to Robert Mullaney. Who is this Ari Cohen person? Under the reverse trace on whitepages.com it lists “Job: Boats United.” Boats United is a business venture that was between Ari Cohen and Robert Mullaney. Both are listed as manager on the corporate filings. Boats United was registered as an LLC on May 3, 2004. By September 16, 2005 the LLC was administratively dissolved.4

I searched on the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations for the name of Robert Mullaney. The results showed Easy Business Services and Boats United. Both Robert Mullaney and Ari Cohen are listed as managers/officers of the corporation. However, both have completely different addresses than what was previously known. Below are the two addresses listed on the filings:

Title MGRM
1670 NORTH 42ND CIR #105

Title MGRM
CAPE CORAL FL 33990-1957

It seems to me that these people move around a bit for such a short time frame. To me this is indicative of possible scamming as they require a new address in the hopes of people not recognizing who they really are. Now I could reverse trace the Vero Beach, FL address but I don’t see any point to it. I feel that I’ve provided more than enough evidence to prove that Robert Mullaney is not a person that can be trusted.

As the main business website, easybusinessservices.com, is currently under construction I decided to look at the original domain that got me investigating the company, premadewebtemplates.com. The website has a completely different but familiar look. It looks just like many of the other Template Monster affiliate websites (view screenshot). It appears that the website files are being hosted on premadewebtemplates.com, however, if one delves deeper they find out that it is indeed nothing more than a Template Monster affiliate website. All you have to do is click on a price. It opens up a new window and in the address bar you can see the template-help.com domain. You can view the screenshot here.

Doing a WHOIS query on both domains, templatemonster.com and template-help.com I get the following information:

Jetimpex Inc.
Alex Russel ([email protected])
Fax: +1.9175913014
2820 West 8-th str. App. 15-h
Brooklyn, NY 11224
USName Servers:
Maestro Solutions LTD
30, DeCastro Street,
Wickhams Cay 1, Road Town,
Tortola 07702
[email protected] Servers:

As you can see both domains belong to templatemonster.com. I’ve read through the templatemonster.com affiliate page and it appears that there’s scripts you can download that allows you to rebrand the website to make it look as if the website is yours. However, even the script isn’t perfect and investigative people can track down the truth. I’m not saying that Template Monster is fraudulent or anything similar. My concern is that a company that had ripped me off in the past trying to pass off template memberships has gone from distributing their own templates to simply using other people’s website and work to pass if off as their own.

What is very interesting is that I’ve read some complaints about fraud being committed by Template Monster and it’s multiple website variations (this is no in reference to any affiliates of Template Monster). You can read a forum post I found online about people getting ripped off by Template Monster and Template-Help here. I find it amazing that a con artist like Robert Mullaney would end up signing up with a company that is also known for unethical practices in regards to templates.

Another website I’d like to explain is ebspromo.com. The website allegedly sells various items with your company logo on it. The website appears to have a large variety of merchandise to offer. Once again, though, I’m getting the feeling that I’ve see this site design/format before. I looked at the source code of the website. I knew that the website was not of an original design and it was a shopping cart therefore it was most probably not original code.

Looking throughout the code I noticed that there were not references whatsoever to any shopping cart or CMS. However, there’s certain tags and lines of code that a seasoned webmaster can pick up on when investigating what was used to create a website. I found the following:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="includes/templates/free_blue/css/stylesheet.css"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="includes/templates/free_blue/css/stylesheet_css_buttons.css"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="includes/templates/free_blue/css/stylesheet_testimonials.css"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="print" href="includes/templates/free_blue/css/print_stylesheet.css"/>
<script type="text/javascript" src="includes/modules/pages/product_free_shipping_info/jscript_textarea_counter.js" gt;

To the average person this doesn’t look like anything relevant. To me it is a very big clue. First I noticed the includes/templates/free_blue. Now there’s a free_blue template for Joomla as well as a similarly named template for WordPress, however, the structure of the files tell me it’s neither Joomla or WordPress. It has been a while but I remember includes/templates being part of Zen Cart, a free PHP-based shopping cart system. I did a search and sure enough it came up.

Now that I know that Robert Mullaney is using a shopping cart system instead of using other’s scripts, such as was done with premadewebtemplates.com, I now want to find out how he’s creating the products. Based upon my investigation so far Mr. Mullaney doesn’t do much himself. He seems to be big in promoting himself and his businesses as being high quality and professional when it seems he is doing nothing but utilizing other people’s skills and not doing much himself. With a little research via Google I have found that there is a few companies out there offering such a large line of promotional products. One in particular, inkhead.com, has an affiliate and reseller program. It is in my opinion that Robert Mullaney is using some company that has a reseller program.

While on the subject of reselling, it appears that Robert Mullaney also has his own domain registration business… or at the very least is an affiliate. At the bottom of the ebspromo.com website is a logo that says “Register Domain Names” such as the one below.

When you click on the image on the website it brings you to a website called securepaynet.net. I know right off the bat that this is Go Daddy. Even though at the top it has Easy Business Services anyone that is familiar with GoDaddy can tell that it’s a GoDaddy affiliate/reseller website (see screenshot).

While I understand that businesses may use third-party services to help in extending products and services offered to their customers or clients, I do feel that a business should do some work their self. In the case of Robert Mullaney each one of his businesses all of the services/products he offers are done via third party companies. All he does is create a mock-up website and make it seem as if his businesses are actually supplying the product or service.

Once again, I urge people to stay clear from Robert Mullaney and any business he may be associated with.