Farrell Auto Group

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Farrell Auto Group Profile


Business Name Farrell Auto Group, LLC
Business Owners Richard Daniel Farrell, Jr
Address 510 A North Florida Street, Covington, LA 70433
Phone Unknown
Fax Unknown
Website Unknown
Email [email protected]
Type of business Used Auto Sales



Address listed is from Louisiana corporate filings of Farrell Auto Group, LLC. This address does not appear to be the location of the business. Most of North Florida Street is a residential area.


Street View of Farrell Auto Group, LLC

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Farrell Auto Group Investigative Report

I first learned of Farrell Auto Group in October of 2011. In September of 2011 a very dear and close friend of mine had passed away (suicide). I learned from a trusted source that the reason for their passing was because of illegal activities perpetrated by Richard Daniel Farrell, Jr (Danny Farrell, Jr), owner and operator of Farrell Auto Group.

Mr. Farrell is what appears to be a con artist. He manipulates people and then makes threats to get them to do what he wants. In less than three months Richard Daniel Farrell, Jr (Danny Farrell, Jr) had went through about $14,000. $5,000 was of my friend’s personal money, $1,500 in bank fraud, $4,000 in payday loans, and $3,000 – $4,000 in hot checks.

After he had gone through my friend’s initial $5,000 in personal money he convinced them to lie to the bank and commit fraud. He had them lie to the banks and claim they never spent the money, thereby getting $1,500 back from one of the accounts. After the con artist went through the additional $1,500 he convinced them to get payday loans. There were about 10 payday loans taken out each totaling about $400. Furthermore had them write about $3,000 to $4,000 total in hot checks. This comes to a grand total of $13,500 or $14,500 (depending on total amount of hot checks) that this con artist went through.

What has struck me as odd is my friend doing such actions. They were not the type of person to lie, cheat, or steal. Prior to meeting this con artist they were on their way in life with their education (college) with no major issues in life. In as little as three short months their finances were drained and were now dependant on Daniel Farrell, Jr (Danny Farrell, Jr). They felt threatened that if they left Mr. Farrell that he would turn them over to the cops as they were the ones that committed the fraud.

I am not sure if there was any proof that could have helped prove that Daniel Farrell, Jr (Danny Farrell, Jr) was an accomplice and/or the mastermind of the schemes. My friend was not the type that could sit there and think of ways of defrauding banks and so forth. I am not saying they were not intelligent. They were very intelligent and bright but just not the type that would utilize their mental skills to try and plan out ways of defrauding financial institutions.

Because of their fear of jail and the fear of Daniel Farrell, Jr (Danny Farrell, Jr) turning them in to the cops they took their life in September of 2011. Their family went to the local authorities in regards to what all happened. The cops told them there was nothing they could do because what the family was stating was nothing more than third party information. In other words, since the only one with first-hand knowledge was no longer alive they could care less about what type of fraud and criminal activity was done by another.

Not long after my friend’s passing Mr. Farrell was back to his old tricks again. He was talking sweet to women on Facebook. It seems that the death of someone he lived with and allegedly cared for meant nothing. All that seems to matter to him is finding another victim to con in to committing fraud for him.

I started to look in to this individual. On his Facebook profile (view profile) it says that he is the owner of Farrell Auto Group, LLC from July 2006 to present. According to the Louisiana Secretary of State Corporations Database it shows that Farrell Auto Group, LLC was not incorporated until 11/10/2010. One explanation could be that he started the business in 2006 yet didn’t incorporate until four years later. Seems like a good while to be in business without doing something as simple as incorporating.

I decided to see where this business was located. To do this I turned to Google Maps Street View. Below is a screenshot of what the home at 521 A North Street in Covington, LA looks like.


Farrell Auto Group, LLC

It is true that Google Street View is not always 100% accurate. Google calculates locations by dividing the “lots” on a given street in to even-sized lots. However, I went up and down North Street and did not find anything that looked like a used car lot or anything similar to such a business. I found that for the most part North Street is a residential area. This was a first red flag to Mr. Farrell’s alleged business.

I then performed a search on Google as well as within online phone books for the business name of Farrell Auto Group. One website was found but was unrelated to this particular business in Louisiana. It was a car dealership in another state. Normally, at the very least, a valid business has some sort of listing somewhere. Nothing online and nothing at all in the phone books. It almost seems as if this business was a cover. What it could be a cover for I have no clue. I just know the facts that a business has no online listings and is located in a residential area that is supposed to be some sort of used car dealership.

Next I searched the Louisiana Secretary of State Corporations Database for “Richard D. Farrell.” Six listings came in the search results. The first two were for Alexa Properties and GF Racing L.L.C. Richard D. Farrell is listed as an agent of Alexa Properties and a member of GF Racing. The address for this individual is in 4535 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA. A reverse trace on this address shows a listing for Richard D. Farrell, Rick Farrell, and Lisa L. Farrell.

The next two listings are for Farrell Auto Group. The first of the two listings has Richard D. Farrell, Jr. listed as an agent of the corporation. The next listing has him listed as a member of the corporation. The address is the one that is listed here on this website, 521 A North Florida Street, Covington, LA. The records state that Farrell Auto Group status is “Not In Good Standing for failure to file Annual Report” (view corporate filing) If this matter is ignored then eventually this corporation will be absolved by the State. That is, it will no longer have any LLC status or protection.

The last listing is for Innovative Auto Group, LLC. This business is listed under Richard D. Farrell, Sr. The address on filings is 1105 Livingstone Street, Mandeville, LA 70448. A reverse trace on this address shows it as a listing for Christopher D. Adams, Teresa DeBeche, and Amy Seal. I believe this to be the father of Richard D. Farrell, Jr (owner of Farrell Auto Group). Innovative Auto Group was registered in 3/6/2002. The current status of Innovative Auto Group is inactive. The reason for it being inactive is Action by Secretary of State. Farther down the report it states that on 5/15/2007 the LLC status for Innovative Auto Group was revoked (view corporate filing). It seems that if this is the father of Richard D. Farrell, Jr (Danny Farrell) then the apple doesn’t seem to fall too far from the tree.
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Farrell Auto Group Investigative Report Updates

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Daniel Farrell, Jr (Danny Farrell) of Farrell Auto Group was contacted via a message on Facebook. He was notified of this article about himself and his business.{/slide}
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On February 19, 2012 at 9:15 P.M. I received an email from an individual claiming to be Denny Farrell. The individual claims the following:


  • I do not have factual information in this report
  • I write whatever I want on my website.
  • He has spoken with an attorney and I have 48 hours to remove this information from the website or I will be sued.
  • Because of this report on KnowNothing.Net, he claims he has lost business

Below is the actual email I received via the contact form on this website.


Name: Danny farrell
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Get facts
Message: I spoke to my attorney about all this info you wrote on your report about my company you have 48 hours to take it of or be sued.No facts at all.you a just right what ever you want witch in return has hurt my business so i will be sueing.

First and foremost, the grammar is horrible. You would think this person has never heard of a spellchecker or a dictionary. I admit I’m not perfect with grammar but the message that was sent to me was worst than that of a kid from elementary school.


  • “take it of” instead of “take it off”
  • “you a just right” instead of “you just write”
  • “what ever” instead of “whatever”
  • “witch” instead of “which”
  • “i will be sueing” instead of “I will be suing”

I personally don’t believe this individual has consulted with an attorney. I did reply and notify him that I am entitled to speak my mind (opinion). This is granted to me under the 1st amendment, Freedom of Speech. In the article I do mention that his business (LLC) is not in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State. That is a complete undeniable fact. I even linked to the actual PDF document from the Louisiana Secretary of State website. Is it my fault that he does not know how to file proper paperwork for his business?

If you do a search for Farrell Auto Group on Google, this article is listed as result #4. What Mr. Farrell (if this is really him contacting me) does not seem to realize is that you must prove this in court. He must prove the following:


  • This article in and of itself did unequivocally cause him to lose business.
  • Any damages he would claim he lost would also have to be proven. You cannot make up an amount without proof that said amount was lost due to actions of the defendant.

I did warn this individual that if they proceeded with legal action then it would also open up legal action and an investigation of himself for the illegal actions he is accused of in this report. Below is the exact reply I sent Mr. Farrell:


Mr. Farrell:

What I wrote on my website is my opinion. My opinions are protected under the U.S. Constitution, freedom of speech. If you and your attorney would like to take this matter to court then by all means do so. The only thing that will happen is that you will end up being investigated for every other questionable matter you were involved in. Said investigation would be part of the the legal procedures as providing more evidence in my defense. Your empty threats do not intimidate me in the least bit.

My information was based about your company’s public data. Your company not being in good standing is not false information. The report clearly has a link to the PDF on the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website which shows your company is in a “Not In Good Standing for failure to file Annual Report.”


Should Mr. Farrell be foolish enough to seek legal action I will ensure that this will be a VERY public trial (i.e. news media contacted, etc). Therefore, not only will he be more in the public eye but so would his attorney. In my opinion people like Danny Farrell can easily slip by the law (in regards to the financial fraud) because the only individual that I know of with “first-hand knowledge” is no longer alive.
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On May May 23, 2012 at 10:49 A.M. a user registered on KnowNothing.Net and subsequently posted a comment stating that they have questions about this report. I found this rather odd as most people just use the contact form to send me a private e-mail. So, I looked up the user’s registration information and e-mailed them that night. To date I have not received any response from them. Then the next evening (May 24, 2012) around 5 P.M. I received a friend request from an individual named Dena Farrell (view Facebook profile). Immediately I noticed the last name. However, I decided to investigate before I jump to any conclusions.

First I checked to see if Dena Farrell and the person that posted on this report were friends. I searched Facebook by the person’s e-mail address they used to register on this site with. A profile came up. First name the same but last name different. Last name to me is irrelevant. The account was found via an e-mail address search. I checked and the person that posted the comment was not friends with Dena Farrell. Next, I checked to see if either of them were friends with Danny Farrell, Jr. Bingo! Both are friends with Danny Farrell, Jr.

I believe it may be possible they were trying to find information out. What that information is I’m not sure about. Dena Farrell may have hoped they would find out who my friends are on Facebook. That would be a lost cause. I have my friends list set to where only I can view it. My posts are friends only (not friends of friends). When it comes to friend requests I’m quite particular. I don’t add random people. If you don’t send a message with your friend request I’ll send one message asking who you are. If no response then within a week your request gets deleted.

If these ladies do have questions then they should just come out and ask me. Trying “covert” methods will not work on me. I’ve been online for over fifteen years and have been investigating companies for over ten years. I’m far from being a gullible or naive noob.{/slide}{/tabs}