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i-ePay.com Company Profile

Original report created on April 06, 2004

Business Name i-ePay.
Business Owner jSalzinger Enterprises
Address Unknown
City/State New York, NY
Zip code 10021
Phone 301-576-7730
Fax 301-576-7730
Website www.iepay.com (website no longer active)
Email [email protected] (domain no longer active)
Type of business Payment Processing



The above information was obtained using a WHOIS query. Since no contact information was listed on the website (i-epay.com), this was the only source available.

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i-ePay Investigative Report

i-epay.com is another attempt of a money processing system (e.g. PayPal, StormPay, Yahoo! PayDirect, Yow Cow, etc).

I was introduced to this company by searching the forums on paypalsucks.com. The website was listed under the alternative companies forum. There was a post about i-epay.com not allowing the use of free e-mail services (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc) when signing up, yet the WHOIS information for i-epay.com showed a Yahoo! e-mail address. That seemed a bit odd to me. A double standard?

The next post was about i-epay possibly being nothing more than a script that was bought and installed on a website. The post made mention of SolarPay (keep this company name in mind). By now I was quite curious about this company (i-epay.com). I proceeded to do my normal routine when investigating shady (when data does not add up) operations.

First, I searched the website for any contact information. There was no contact information to be found. The only method of contact was a contact form you could fill out and submit a message. This is a first sign of something shady. Any reputable business should have at least an e-mail address listed (i.e. [email protected]). Another sign of a caution flag is a business which uses a free e-mail system (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc).

Since no contact information could be found, I went to my second source of information (primary source being the website itself). My second source was a WHOIS query. Every domain name has an owner. You can look up the information that the owner posted when they registered the domain name. This lookup is called a WHOIS query. According to the WHOIS, the following information was obtained:

Muktasid adib ([email protected])
Fax: 55560562
6234 Rixey Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22303

Now that I had some information to work with, I began to reverse trace the information. I always like to start with the phone numbers first. I used my usual websites (whitepages.com and switchboard.com). The reverse phone trace provided no results. I then used my second resource for phone numbers, FoneFinder (http://www.primeris.com/fonefind). FoneFinder is an online tool in which you can input the area code and get what city/state areas those combinations belong to or you can input the city/state and get a listing of the area codes/prefixes that belong to that city/state.

The information I got for the 703/665 combination was Reston, Virginia. Since the cities were not the same, I use http:maps.yahoo.com (I use the "Driving Directions" feature) to determine the approximate distance between the two cities. There should not be a large distance between the two cities. I would imagine that the address and phone number listed should be either the same or very close (geographically speaking). There is a distance of approximately 26.7 miles between the two cities. The distance of 26.7 miles is a bit of a gap. This is considering that local calling circle plans would normally kick in (i.e. 26.7 miles would most likely be a long distance or toll call). This was another caution flag.

I could not reverse trace the fax number because there was no prefix. According to FoneFinder, there are approximately 114 locations in the United States that use the 555 prefix. Of the 114 locations, none of them are in Virginia.

My next trace comes from the physical address listed on the WHOIS. I used whitepages.com to reverse trace 6234 Rixey Dr., Alexandria, VA 22303. No results came up. I also searched using the city of Reston, VA and the entire state of Virginia. When no results came up, I researched the address with the cities but removed the Dr. from the address, leaving just a street name. This also produced no results.

To ensure that the address was valid, I used the reverse zip code lookup at the U.S. Post Office’s website (click on "Find A Zip Code"). The zip code of 22303 is valid for Alexandria, VA and Jefferson Mannor, VA. Some may wonder why I do this, but I have found it not uncommon for shady websites to actually use a zip code that does not even correspond to the city listed in their address (sometimes not even the correct state). In investigating such matters, it is imperative that every piece of data be cross referenced and analysed to have accurate results.

Since I was unsuccessful in my reverse trace of the address, I decided to use whitepages.com and switchboard.com to find out how many people with the last name of "adib" resided in Alexandria, VA, Jefferson Mannor, VA, Reston, VA as well as a state-wide search. Using whitepages.com, there were two results for the search of last name "adib" in the state of Virginia. I then attempted a search via switchboard.com. There were 9 listings of people with the last name of adib. None of them traced to the previously mentioned Virginia cities. None of them were in/near the cities that I traced. I finally tried searching for the name of Muktasid adib in the entire United States. No results.

Now that I have found that most of the information listed for the domain i-epay.com does not validate very much, I moved on to the e-mail address. The e-mail address of [email protected] was a free e-mail account. On i-epay.com it stated that signing up with free e-mail accounts was not allowed. I found this odd since the owner of the "business" was using a free e-mail account themselves.

I checked the e-mail address listed for the WHOIS. The e-mail address of [email protected] had a profile on Yahoo! Please notice the word "had." The profile stated the user was of age 14. All of a sudden, after I posted this information to the paypalsucks.com forum, the profile disappeared.

My next order of business was a search on the Internet. I searched using Yahoo!, Excite, Google, and Altavista (worldwide). I obtained the following results:


There were a couple links which also showed up, but had nothing to do with i-epay.com. One link was a link to a business dealing with wood. I searched the HTML of the page and the term "i-epay.com" was not listed anywhere, not even in the meta tags. You will see a few posts by KewlKat007 (that is me) and one by <>. That is another one by me (I did not feel like logging in for the post.

I will now discuss some issue about the website (mainly it’s structure or lack of). Some of the issues were fixed, some were not. In the middle of the posts on paypalsucks.com, a user posted that they had just purchased i-ebay.com. I will speak of the new user and such during my discussion about the website itself. Some information I started off on from the paypalsucks.com forum.

Original issues with the website were:


  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) seemed to be just a copy and paste of SolarPay (you will see this name mentioned later in the investigation).
  • Condemned usage of free e-mail accounts (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail), when their own website was registered using a Yahoo! account.
  • Had false praises on their site. They stated false reviews on their site which were supposedly from epinions.com and consumerreview.com. A search of i-epay.com on those two websites produced no results (i.e. they were not even mentioned on those two websites).
  • Site claims to have reliable customer support. When doing a WHOIS, I noticed that the creation date was February 2004. The business is only about two months old.
  • Site claims "The growing size of our network and widening acceptance of our product have helped us become one of the leading payment network for online auction websites." In technical reasoning, this can be considered an opinion. The wording, though makes is seem as if the company is actually a "leading" company in the online payment industry. I had not even heard of this company until I stumbled upon it on the paypalsucks.com forums.
  • The site uses anonymous ameservers. When doing a WHOIS, the nameservers being used for the domain i-epay.com are XEON2B.ANONYMOUSNETWORKS.COM and XEON2A.ANONYMOUSNETWORKS.COM. I have done research on the domain anonymousnetworks.com. It is owned by Domains by Proxy, Inc. This company (Domains by Proxy, Inc.) offer anonymous services. They hide the WHOIS information for a domain. Instead of the information of the person registering the domain showing up on a WHOIS query, Domain by Proxy’s information shows. I have nothing against this company (Domains by Proxy, Inc). I simply find that it sends up a caution flag for me when a supposedly reputable business (such as i-epay.com) uses such a service. Such services I think are great fort those whom just run a personal website and don’t want their information being used by spammers (see coming report on Atriks, LLC).
  • Site has a GeoTrust logo, but you are unable to click it (when a site has a SSL certificate, you are usually able to click their "trusted" logo. The logo should take you to the company that issued the SSL certificate/validation. The link that takes you to the website should show you the validation information (i.e. company information, when certificate created, etc).
  • Company/website states that they are a member of the Internet Trade Bureau. I have researched the Internet Trade Bureau. The business is similar to the BBB. They have a set of bylaws that members must follow. If you have complaints against a member, you can file a complaint. The problem is that when I researched this business, I noticed the WHOIS information for internettradebureau.net stated that it was owned by Jumpline2000.com. Jumpline 2000 is a webhosting company. I looked up the business Jumpline 2000 on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. According to the BBB record, the following exists:


    Customer Experience in the last three years the Bureau has processed complaints on this company which were resolved. 22 of these were not resolved within the Bureau’s time frame, due to a substantial delay in response by the company. One customer complaint concerning an unfulfilled contract was closed as unanswered and unresolved. Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to an unanswered and unresolved complaint.

After reading this information, I find it hard to put faith in such an organization. How can the Internet Trade Bureau moderate other businesses and deal with their "complaints", when it seems as if they cannot even deal with their own customer service issue.

The business of i-epay.com is the transference of money over the Internet. The site was listed on the paypalsucks.com forum under "Alternative Companies." I find this ironic since the company uses PayPal, Stormpay, E-Gold, & 2checkout.com for money transfers. Are not all of the previously mentioned companies the same thing? That would be like me opening up a business and stating that I will ship packages for you. But, in reality, I accept your package, charge you the shipping and simply hand it over to UPS or the U.S. Postal Service, but claim that I actually have a business that delivers your packages. Please do not get what I just said confused with businesses such as MailBoxes, etc. They are a business similar, but they don’t actually ship the packages (i.e. there are no Mail Boxes, etc trucks delivering your packages to the recipients). They resell U.S. Postal services, pack items for you and such. Furthermore, they let you know that they do this.

The company (i-epay.com) is nothing more than a resold script. You can actually run your own i-epay.com type company. Visit this site to read about the selling of the script for i-epay.com. If you will notice, the user that posted the message (matrix-warehouse) is also the person that used to own i-epay.com. Look at his profile. You will notice his signature is get-webhost.com. By doing a WHOIS query on get-webhost.com, you will notice that is the same information as the previous owner of i-epay.com. They most probably bought the script from SolarPay. The script costs $295.00. Solarpay.com is no better than i-epay. They seem to have the same issues. As soon as I went to solarpay.com, two browser popups opened. One being to an adult website. Then the site tried to start a download to my computer of an mp3 file (5.13MB in size).

Look at the WHOIS on SolarPay.com:

private private ([email protected])
private, US private

There is an image on the site stating to go to www.fdic.i-epay.com to read more about FDIC pass-through insurance. I went there and got a "Page Not Found" error. I have researched pass-through insurance. Basically, all pass-through insurance does is that in the case the bank i-epay.com has your money stored fails, you can get your money back (up to $100,000). This is ONLY if the bank that i-epay.com has your money stored fails AND is FDIC insured. This does NOT mean that if i-epay.com would go bankrupt that you could get your money back. If i-epay.com would go bankrupt or loose you’re money, FDIC pass-through insurance would not cover it. The only way to get your money back would be via a lawsuit against the owner of i-epay.com. Also note that in order to qualify, i-epay has to keep accurate records. I find this would be hard since i-epay does not have any validation system (such as paypal.com has.. e.g. credit card/bank validation, address verification).

Since i-epay.com does not use a validation system, this business is not in compliance with the Patriot Act (HR 3162 RDS). Business that are financial institutions (including handling international money transfers) must comply with Title III (INTERNATIONAL MONEY LAUNDERING ABATEMENT AND ANTI-TERRORIST FINANCING ACT OF 2001) A (International Counter Money Laundering and Related Measures) Sec. 311 (Special measures for jurisdictions, financial institutions, or international transactions of primary money laundering concern). In completeness, Patriot Act, Title III (A) Sec. 311(b)(1). This specifies the compliance(s) that must be met. I-epay.com does none of these. You can view the Act here.

The only way to withdraw money is via money order. You are sent a money order. Please be advised that there is a $3.50 charge for withdrawing funds via money order. It would be more convenient to be able to withdraw via an electronic method.

After much of this was posted on the forum, it was claimed by someone that they were now the new owner of the business (i-epay.com). They stated that they planned to right all of the wrongs. To date, the only wrongs that were righted were:


  • FAQ edited
  • No more mentioned of not being able to use free e-mail accounts.
  • False praises removed.

I noticed that a user on the forum of paypalsucks.com had originally posted a message advertising for i-epay.com. Then as people started to investigate the matter, he claimed he did not own the company. Ok, so he doesn’t own the company. As time marched on he seemed to get offended by the posts. His response to not using SSL/secure connection was the following:

"…as far as SSL goes, actual transactions do go over a SSL server – when you noted that it isn’t, that is because it is because when profiles are updated data never leaves our own server."

This is an example of how security is not even a concern. The excuse used was completely ridiculous. For the excuse to be valid, your website would have to be 100% secure. Since his host is a reseller, his (owner of i-epay.com) account is probably a virtual (shared) account. His account is probably on a server with about 100 other websites. How does he know that the server he is on is 100% secure? His "website" may be secure (coding wise), but how does he know the integrity of the server? As for the coding, he bought a script. Has he actually looked at every piece of coding and validated its security? What about the 99 other people’s website that is on there? Is their website fully secure?

 Finally, as I sent an e-mail to [email protected] to discuss all the wrongs of the site, I noticed the WHOIS information. The information read:

jSalzinger Enterprises www.i-EPAY.com ([email protected])
Fax: +1.3015767730
NY, NY 10021

Is it me or does the WHOIS show the same name of the person whom claimed to not own the site? It was stated that he "bought" the business. As for his explanation of the anonymous nameservers, he says he has nothing to do with the nameservers his host (get-webhost.com) uses. This can be true to an extent. But, when I look at the facts (i.e. the owner of the web hosting company is the same as the previous owner of i-epay.com), it really makes me wonder.

Why would you purchase hosting from a company that has a shady record? In all, this person cannot say that they did not know about the shady record of i-epay.com. After all, they were the first ones to advertise their site on paypalsucks.com. Some may say that the person was framed? How? The WHOIS information showed a completely different information than is now showing. How would anyone have known that the person would be "buying" i-epay.com? Now the WHOIS information shows that person’s name (jSalzinger Enterprises).

Now that I look at the new WHOIS information, it is even more suspicious. There is no address whatsoever. I attempted a reverse trace on the phone numbers on the WHOIS. No luck.. I then used FoneFineder to find out what city/state this number belonged to. The combination of 301/576 trace to Montgomery, Maryland. According to maps.yahoo.com, there is distance of 239.3 miles between New York, NY and Montgomery MD. I remember mentioning the 26.7 miles being an issue with the first owner, but this is completely ridiculous.

Too many things just don’t add up with this website. If this person (jSalzinger) really and truly did buy the script from the original owner and is trying to run a legit business, then I wish them the best of luck. Unfortunately, after reviewing the evidence, I feel that jSalzinger might be in business with the original owner or J Salzinger might be the same person, just a fake name change.. When the original owner noticed bad publicity on paypalsucks.com, he transferred the domain ownership to jSalzinger. I base my conclusion on the fact that jSalzinger started advertising about i-epay.com before it was in his name. Unfortunately for jSalzinger, he left some strings untied. There is still the get-webhost.com being used. As previously mentioned, get-webhost.com is owned by the alleged previous owner of i-epay.com. In actuality, get-webhost.com is not a "full fledged, self supporting" business. The site of get-webhost.com is nothing more than a reseller of hosting space see the pattern of "reselling"?
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i-ePay Investigative Report Updates

{slide=April 07, 2004}

  1. Subdomain of fdic.i-epay.com fixed.
  2. Last correspondence with i-epay.com stated that they are obtaining an SSL certificate.

{slide=July 30, 2005}
It has been a while since I checked up on this company or any other companies. I have found some new information to be posted, however, it only proves more that this company is a very shady business and that I personally recommend anyone to stay clear of them.

Firstly, I checked out their contact information. Currently, on the website is the following:


Customer Support Corporate
E-mail – [email protected] E-mail – [email protected]
Phone – 206.350.4PAY [4729] Phone – 206.984.0IPS [0477]

 There is an address listed:

Internet Electronic Payment Systems, Inc.
6075 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 1
Las Vegas, NV 8911

I will start out by attempting to reverse trace the phone numbers. The support number of 206-650-4729. Reverse search via whitepages.com and switchboard.com gave no results. However, whitepages.com did state that the number belonged to the Seattle, Washington area to Sprint Spectrum, L.P., a wireless provider. Next is the corporate number of 206-984-0477. Once again, no reverse trace results. The number traces to Richmond Beach, Washington, belonging to International Telcom, Ltd, a wireless provider. Needless to say, both numbers belong to cell phones

I used maps.yahoo.com to find out the distance between Richmond Beach, WA and Seattle, WA. The distance between these two locations is approximately 14.2 miles.

I will now move on to the physical address listed on the website. I find it strange that they list the address of Las Vegas, NY and have a corporate and support number all the way in Washington.


  • Richmond Beach, WA is approximately 1271.3 miles from Las Vegas, NV (a 19 hour 13 minute drive).
  • Seattle, WA is approximately 1257.1 miles from Las Vegas, NV (a 19 hour 20 minute drive).

The reverse address of:

6075 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 1
Las Vegas, NV 8911

Traces to two businesses:


  • Tahoe II Homeowners Association
  • Sapphire Homeowners Association

When doing reverse traces, it is not normally listed as "Suites." Therefore the businesses that the addressed were traced to may simply be in a building that rents out office spaces. I have also done a search to see if the address belongs to a mail drop. The address does not seem to belong to a mail drop.

In regards to the actual owner of the business, there is no information on the website itself. I checked with the online corporate database for the State of Nevada. The current status of Internet Electronic Payment Systems, Inc. is "dissolved." Dissolution comes about as a result of one of the following (definitions obtained from The Law Encyclopedia):


  • voluntarily by resolution, paying debts, distributing assets and filing dissolution documents with the Secretary of State.
  • by state suspension for not paying corporate taxes or some other action of the government.

I have contacted the State of Nevada in regards to the reason for the dissolution (i.e. if it was voluntary, if dues were nor paid, or proper papers not filed). There are no officers listed. Normally there are people assigned to the corporation such as president, etc. The registered agent for the company is:

Incorp Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV 89120-3481

Incorp Services, Inc. seems to be a company which handles the creation, managing, and dissolution of a corporation. Many small businesses use such services because they do not have the expertise or just do not want to deal with the hassle of all the paperwork involved in the creation and upkeep of a corporation. A corporation can be as simple as a home-based or small business and the owner(s) want legal protection from getting sued. If you have your business as an incorporated business (Inc. or LLC), then they can only file suit against the business and not you personally.

The last post I had involved their "hosting." Currently, their nameservers are:


The domain of sago4.com belongs to a host with the following information:

Broyles, Robert [email protected]
PO Box 1046
Mount Washington, Kentucky 40047
United States

Firstly, the assertivehost.com is a "hosting" company, however, they do not "own" their servers. The IPs of and trace to Sago Networks (www.sagonet.net). Therefore, I take it that whoever owns assertivehost.com is just reselling space from Sago Networks.

The last issue I would like to talk about is how the website works and it’s "practices." Firstly, i-epay.com is supposed to be a legitimate business. I would expect a website to have a professional look, feel, and work in a professional manner. People PAY to use this system, however, upon reaching the website two popups come about. One one occasion, one of the popups was for some "Adult Friend Finder." The keywords listed in the meta tags are NOT professional at all:


Can someone please explain to me how such vulgar words relate to an online payment business? This is beyond pathetic!

I will be e-mailing i-epay.com in regards to these new issues. Their responses will be posted on this website. From the new information I have gathered, it seems that the company information is just as scattered around the United States as it was before. The only difference now is that there is some corporate information. Based on their corporate information, the company could have been dissolved for not filing the proper paperwork or for not paying their corporate fees.

Unless the personnel at i-epay.com (whomever they may be) can provide with some more concreate information about their company, then my judgment stands: Stay away from this company! Do NOT trust your banking information to this company. This decision is my personal opinion based upon my investigation of the company.{/slide}{/tabs}