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Business Name Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services, LLC
Physical Address 1110 Sixth Street, Morgan City, LA 70380
Office Phone 985-384-9055
Pager 985-757-0334
Mobile 985-518-5082
Email [email protected]
Type of business Security Guard & Private Investigation


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Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services Investigative Report

Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services, LLC has been incorporated since April 13, 1999. It is owned by Lester Rex Beam and his wife, Brenda Mae Beam, both of 1224 N. Prescott Drive, Morgan City, LA. Brenda Beam is also the bookeeper for the company. The registered agent for Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services is a local attorney, Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. of 607 Brashear Avenue, Morgan City, LA. Mr. Lester Beam is listed as a committee member for the City of Morgan City Recreation & Parks Commission. Mr. Beam also assists with investigations with the St. Mary Parish Coroner’s Office.

The company is registered in Louisiana to provide security guard and private investigation services. Lazer Claims Investigation Claims & Security Services is listed as an agency (License No. 0019-030493-LA) with the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners. Per The Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners there are two private investigators listed with Lazer Claims Investigation Claims & Security Services:


  • Lester Beam (License No. 0019-030493-LA, expires 3/4/2016) – Owner
  • Lonny Cavalier (License No. 5060-012202-LA, expires 1/22/2016) – Private Investigator.

I started working for Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services in November of 2010. During the interview Lester Beam repeatedly accused me of doing drugs or having some sort of connection with drugs. Not a single accusation was founded on any facts whatsoever. His accusations were solely based on his alleged dealings with other family members of mine. Members that he claims did that sort of thing. As I bluntly told him, what other members of my family may or may not do is them. I am my own person. I even offered to take a drug screen right on the spot. He said he doesn’t do drug tests. I found this odd. You’re going to grill someone over something you don’t even test for or attempt to verify?

One thing I learned that day, and continued to observe, is that he still had the mentality that he was a cop interrogating someone. This is due to him, at an earlier point in his life, being a police officer. His tactic was that he would keep accusing you of something no matter how many times you deny it or how many times you repeat the truth to him. He’s the type of person that makes his mind up on someone or something without properly investigating it. I found this odd considering part of his business is that of private investigation.­

Less than a year after I had started working for Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services I had went in the office to pick up my paycheck. Brenda Beam suggested that I always turn my timecard in. She commented that if I didn’t turn my timecard in then they didn’t have to pay me. She was sitting at Lester Beam’s desk and he was standing next to her and he concurred. I responded that even if I had forgotten to turn my time card in or had even lost it I was still due payment for my hours worked. By this time I was on a set schedule of seven nights on then seven nights off working twelve hour shifts.

Brenda Beam responded that if I didn’t turn my timecard in then how could they know how much to pay me. I reminded them that I was on a straight schedule of 7 nights on and 7 nights off working twelve hour shifts. When I had first started I was told to simply put the time I was supposed to be at the site (e.g. 6PM or 6AM). This caught my attention as the rules specified we were to be there fifteen minutes before the hour in order to give report to the guard that was reliving us. Brenda Beam responded that with no timecard there was no way for me to prove how much time I had worked.

That response made me start to question the honesty and integrity of the company. It seemed to me that they were willing to ripoff their own employees. I told both Lester Beam and Brenda Beam that there was lots of proof. For one, guards are to do hourly rounds on sites. The rounds are to be logged on the log sheet for that particular site. In addition, some sites, such as Ocean Marine Contractors, have cameras. Those cameras would have surveillance footage of me doing rounds. I then asked them, “How good do you think it will look on the company if I have to subpoena Ocean Marine Contractors for copies of the logs and surveillance footage in order for me to be paid?” They didn’t have any valid answer. The only response I got was from Brenda Beam who said, “Well.. Just be sure to turn your timecard in.” They knew they were wrong for making such a threat.

On November 24, 2011 I worked an extra shift at Max Welders, in Gibson, LA. I remember the date because it was on Thanksgiving. Lester Beam had asked if I could work that site as he didn’t have anyone to work it. So, I agreed to work it. Earlier that morning, Mr. Paul, a supervisor that works for Max Welders, told me that I could leave the gate open. A little later that morning I saw a pickup truck fly past the gate on to the yard. A few seconds later the pickup truck drove backwards up to the front of the gate. I went outside to get the information of the person that was in the vehicle.

The male driver asked why the gate was open. I explained that Mr. Paul said to leave it open. He then asked if everyone on the yard was logged in. I responded that to best of my knowledge they were. I said this as I knew some vehicles would leave out the gravel/dirt road on the other side of the property. If they do that then I have no way of logging them out. He claimed that one of the forklift drivers he saw was not on the logs. He said that I must be new then started to holler at me telling me that the gate should always stay closed. He then proceeded to holler at me about if a vehicle drives past the gate I should run after it. This was completely ridiculous. So if a vehicle speeds past the gate as he did, by the time I got out the door of the guard building they’d be way on to the yard. I was a security officer, not a dog. I don’t chase cars.

In such a case I would make note of the vehicle and notify the supervisor of the yard that there was an unidentified vehicle on the yard. If the cart would have been functioning then I could at least attempt to find the vehicle on the yard. It was often that the cart the guard was to use was not functioning. During such times our only option was to use our own personal vehicle to drive around to do rounds.

He then asked if I knew who he was. I responded that I didn’t know and asked him his name. He responded, “If you want to know who I am then call Lester Beam. He’ll tell you who I am.” He then sped off past the gate on to the yard. When my relief got there (security guard supervior) I gave him a description of the person and the vehicle. My relief said that the person was Keith Leblanc ([email protected]), Operations Manager. I was quite shocked that someone in such a high position was so incompetent, belligerent, and rude.

It seemed to me that Keith Leblanc had no issues in breaking the law. Max Welders is a MARSEC secured site as the site is on the water. Keith Leblanc admitted that he knew I was new to the site. That means he should have identified himself to me when I asked who he was. By him refusing to identify himself he was an unidentified person trespassing on a MARSEC site.

The following Tuesday when I went to pick up my check I explained the situation to Lester Beam. He told me to just let it go. I told him what the security guard supervisor (my relief) had told me about Keith Leblanc illegally accessing the site by refusing to identify himself. I felt that this person was breaking the law and that someone above him should be notified of his actions. Lester Beam still wanted me to let the matter go.

I asked Lester Beam what was the reason for him being afraid of Keith Leblanc. Granted, Keith Leblanc was the Operations Manager, but even Keith Leblanc had a boss. Lester Beam responded that if he pressed the matter then he could lose the contract with Max Welders. I asked him how this was possible. Lester Beam responded that Keith Leblanc could cancel the contract.

At this point things just weren’t adding up. Keith Leblanc had someone above him as he’s not the owner of the company nor does he hold any position in the corporate managers position (at least not according to the corporate filings with the Louisiana Secretary of State). I told Lester Beam that if he wasn’t going to do anything about the mistreatment of his guards nor about the potential illegal actions then I was going to talk to someone higher up. Lester Beam threatened to fire me if I pressed the matter any further. I had no choice but to drop the matter. At this point it was my understanding that Max Welders condoned this sort of incompetent and abusive behavior from Keith Leblanc.

In August of 2012 I was hospitalized for cellulitis. My left leg had swollen to twice it’s normal size. The skin on my leg was bright red and pain was unbearable. On a Monday night during my 7 nights off I had my father drive me to Chabert Medical Center. The doctor in the ER said that it was a serious infection and that I would need to be hospitalized for at least a week. The next morning I called Lester Beam to let him know I wouldn’t be able to come in the following night as I was hospitalized. I let him know that I would be in the hospital for at least a week.

About a week later (the following Monday) I called Lester Beam to let him know that the infection was not getting better. I was on three different antibiotics by IV and the antibiotics were not working. The doctor said that they were going to try three different antibiotics and that I would likely be in the hospital for another week. Lester Beam responded that if I kept missing work like I was doing then he’d have to let me go.

I was completely flabbergasted. Since I was hired in November 2010 the only time I was late was once when I had car trouble. I was about 30 minutes late. Of which I called ahead of time to let him know what was going on. Then, in August 2011 my car died. I missed two days of work as I had no way to get to work. I live in Morgan City, LA. The Ocean Marine Contractors site is about sixteen minutes drive from my home. The site is in the middle of the swamps in Gibson, LA. Other than that I was quite often filling in on my week off as he has trouble keeping guards.

A week later I called to inform him that I was out of the hospital but was still unable to return as I was barely able to walk. Once again, he commented that I seemed to be missing a lot of work. At this point I told him that I wasn’t on some sort of vacation. The fact of the matter is that his company offers NO benefits to employees other than a paycheck. When you miss work you don’t have any paid time off or sick leave to help. In fact, his company doesn’t even offer any type of holiday pay.

In June of 2014 I left the company to work in Kenner, LA. I ended up moving back to the Morgan City, LA area in December 2014. Before I had left he said, “If you ever need a job you’ll always have one here.”

I went back to work for him in December of 2014 at the Allison 2 site. I found out quickly that he was still up to his dishonesty. On February 12, 2014 Lester Beam held a mandatory safety meeting. He claimed that the safety meeting was required by the Louisiana Board of Private Security Examiners. Up until then he had been skirting around having a real safety meeting by claiming the time when we would pick up our check each Tuesday as the “safety meeting.”

At the beginning of the mandatory safety meeting I asked if we were being paid for the meeting. Lester Beam responded that we were being paid for the meeting. The following Tuesday I noticed on my check that I was short by two hours. The mandatory safety meeting had lasted two hours long. I inquired as to why I wasn’t paid. I reminded him that he did say he was going to pay us for our time. He responded that I misunderstood him. He said that he probably sarcastically said “oh yeah.”

I researched the matter on the U.S. Department of Labor’s website. Per the U.S. Department of labor, employees that attend mandatory meetings that do not occur during the normal course of a regular work period are to be paid. The meeting occurred on our time off. The meeting also met the requirement that the meeting be associated with your work functions. Considering this meeting was for safety issues related to our job, I’d say it qualifies.

For about a month I tried working with Lester Beam on this matter. During one of the first encounters he claimed that he had contacted other security guard companies in the area and those companies didn’t compensate their employees for their safety meetings. I notified him of what the U.S. Department of Labor website stated. He responded that he had worked with the U.S. Department of Labor and knew what the law was. I told him that I was going to call the U.S. Department of Labor and find out whether I and other guards were to be compensated. He told me to go ahead and contact them because he had worked with them and knew what the law was.

So, I called the U.S. Department of Labor in regards to the matter. They stated that based upon what I described to them, the other guards and myself were to be compensated for the meeting. I filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor against Lester Beam and Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services.

Agent Stuart Smith of the U.S. Department of Labor Wages and Hour division was the one that handled my case. He phoned Lester Beam and notified him that he did have to compensate his employees for the meeting. Lester Beam told Agent Smith that he’d have his bookeeper mail me a check for the two hours of overtime. This was unnecessary as all he had to do was include the two hours of overtime on my next paycheck.

Lester Beam compensated myself as well as the other guards that attended the meeting. Instead of simply accepting that he was in the wrong he decided to act childish. He started to tell the other guards that he had to cancel the safety meetings because I had a problem with him having the meetings. Not only did other guards tell me this but Lester Beam told another guard in front of me this reason. That’s when I demanded that he stop slandering me. He was lying to other guards about me to try and protect his ego.

Less than a week after the U.S. Department of Labor told Lester Beam that I was entitled to compensation for the meeting he drove by the Allison 2 site where I was working. He talked to me and the two other guards about the matter. All that came out of Lester Beam’s mouth were lies.

He said that he and his wife had been misinformed about whether guards had to be paid for the meeting. This was a lie. He knew that the guards had to be paid. For a month I kept telling him what the law was. I quoted him the law. I even offered to show him exactly where on the U.S. Department of Labor’s website it says that mandatory meetings were considered as time employees to be compensated for. Lester Beam kept insisting he knew the law and didn’t want to even verify whether I was correct or not. The fact of the matter is that he’s cheap. Cheap to the point to where he’ll rip off his own employees to save money.

Then Lester Beam told us that they had just found out that they had to pay the employees. This was another lie. I knew the exact day they had found out. I knew this date because as soon as the U.S. Department of Labor agent got off the phone with Lester Beam, the agent called me to inform me of what transpired. Lester Beam was trying to make it seem like they had just found out when in reality they had found out over a week prior.

For two months after he had to pay myself and the other guards he wouldn’t talk to me. When I would go into the office to pick up my check Lester Beam would turn his head away from me as he’d hand me my check. I couldn’t believe that a grown man would act in such an immature manor.

A few months or so after I had started back with Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services I was transferred back to my original site, Ocean Marine Contractors in Gibson, LA. It didn’t take long for me to notice that nothing had changed at Ocean Marine Contractors since I had left.

The red and black gas-powered cart was still being used as well as the same malfunctions still existed. Only now there seemed to be more issues with the cart than when i had left the site only a few months prior. I went to start the cart and it wouldn’t start. I noticed a button next to the ignition switch that wasn’t there before. I turned the ignition switch on then pressed the new button and the cart started. I also noticed that there was a battery charger inside the cart that was hooked up to the battery. This wasn’t there a few months prior either.

For close to two years I had reported safety issues with the cart. I logged the safety issues on my log sheets. It was reported to the security guard supervisor of the site. It was reported to the mechanic, Dean Clements. It was reported to Attecia Cheramie, sister of Ocean Marine Contractors owner, Tommie G. Cheramie. It was also reported many times to Lester Beam.

Less than a month after starting back on the Ocean Marine Contractors – Gibson, LA site the struts went out on the red and black cart. After a couple weeks of the cart not being repaired I asked Dean Clements what the holdup was. He said that he was going to use one of the struts off of a dead cart they have. The problem was that the hole where the bolt needs to go is different on that strut. He said he might have to drill a hole so that it would work on the red and black cart.

I asked him why was he trying to rig it up. Why didn’t Ocean Marine Contractors just buy a new strut for the cart. He said that money was tight and that they (Ocean Marine Contractors) didn’t want to spend the money. In other words, they didn’t care that rounds weren’t being done. No cart, no rounds. I sure wasn’t using the gas in my car to do rounds as well as risk getting a flat in the yard. After all, it wasn’t uncommon for the carts to get flats due to scrap metal pieces being embedded in the dirt.

During the time that the cart was in the process of being repaired there was a fire at the back of the Ocean Marine Contractors – Gibson site. It was around 3AM in the morning. I heard a horn honking at the gate. I went outside to see who it was. There was a man at the gate telling that there was smoke coming from the back and that it looked like something was on fire. This man was just a random person driving by and saw the smoke.

Since the cart had yet to be repaired I had to drive my car to the back of the site. The fire was a very large pile of scrap metal and wood that was about twenty or thirty feet behind the tool room. The pile was about ten feet wide and at least seven feet tall. At the top of the pile was a fire. The flames were at least two to three feet tall.

I drove back to the guard shack to call Ms. Attecia Cheramie. I informed her of the matter. She asked what kind of materials were on fire. I told her that I didn’t know. All I could tell was wood and possibly metal. She responded, “What do you mean you don’t know?!” I reminded her that after almost a month the cart had yet to be repaired. The cart had a spotlight on it which I would normally use to help in illuminating the dark areas of the yard. That particular are was not very well lit. I told her that I had to use my personal vehicle to get to the area where the fire was.

She asked how big the fire was. I gave her an estimate of the size of the flames (same size as given a couple paragraphs previous). She said that it was too late in the night for her to be able to get someone out there to put it out. That is, too late to call out an Ocean Marine Contractors worker. She told me that if the fire got too big to let her know. I asked how big was too big. She said, “Just when it gets too big.”

This was not the first time the issue of how big a fire can get has come up. Throughout the years there have been fires that start due to embers not being fully extinguished by the day crew. The attitude at Ocean Marine Contractors has been that as long as it’s not too big then don’t worry about it. The problem was that no one could tell me how big was too big. As a security officer we are trained in the basics of extinguishing a fire. We are not trained in the various types of materials that can start and spread fires. That type of training is more along the lines of HazMat and Firewatch personnel training.

After a little over a month of the cart being broken the cart was finally fixed. The security guard supervisor for the site left me a note of what the mechanic told her. The note read as such:

"Still kind of hard to turn the wheel, the pedal sticks sometimes and you may need to turn off the key if it won’t stop."

I couldn’t believe that after complaining for about two years about the safety issues that the mechanic would not fix these issues. A cart with no breaks and an accelerator that sticks. Then steering wheel hard to turn. So, if the accelerator pedal sticks you can’t stop the cart as no breaks, nor can you turn away from what you’re heading towards as the steering wheel is hard to turn…. You’re told to simply turn off the ignition in an attempt to stop the cart.

This was the final straw for me. On Monday, June 16, 2014 I notified the security guard site supervisor that I was no longer going to do rounds with the unsafe cart. That evening when I came in she stated that she told Lester Beam about the cart. She said that he claimed that he told the safety person about the cart. I was quite shocked. I had been reporting the issues of the cart for about two years. Lester Beam didn’t decide to tell anyone about these issues until after I refused to do rounds. I had commented to her that I was thinking of contacting OSHA.

The next day, Tuesday, June 17, 2014 was payday. I went to pickup my check. Lester Beam said that there were issues he needed to discuss with me. He claimed that there was a complaint against me for being short-tempered. I asked him who filed the complaint. He refused to tell me who made the allegation. I then asked what the details of the allegation were.. That is, when did this incident occur? What did I do that made me appear short-tempered? He said that he couldn’t give me details.

He asked me if there was anything in particular that was bothering me. I told him that I was unhappy with the continued unsafe working environment at Ocean Marine Contractors. I reminded him about the ongoing safety issues with the cart. He said that he had talked to the safety man and that this was the first he (Lester Beam) was hearing of this matter. This was a complete lie. Numerous times I had reported the matter to Lester Beam. I even reminded him that for the past two years all of the safety issues were logged on my log sheets if he wanted proof that this wasn’t the first time these safety issues had occurred.

Him refusing to tell me who filed the complaint I let slide by. It’s common for an employer to initially refuse to give out the name of the person that filed a complaint. However, at the very least, they will tell you when the allegation happened and details of what transpired. Lester Beam refusing to even give that information out made me quite suspicious. It seemed to me as if he was trying to make up allegations. I wasn’t surprised as the previous day I commented to the Ocean Marine Contractors security site supervisor that I was thinking of contracting OSHA in regards to the safety issues.

As "proof" of my alleged anger issues he took pictures of "damages" in the guard shack. He claimed I was punching holes in the wall. I actually found this "proof" quite laughable. The damages were not holes, especially not holes that would be indicative of being done by a fist or object.

The only hole I made, by accident, was on the wall by the desk. There was a large deer fly (a horse fly but much larger, about an inch in size). For those unfamiliar with those types of insects they are aggressive and have a frequent tendency to bite humans. The deer fly was after me, for whatever reason. When it landed on the wall I tried to kill it with my foot. That made a small hole. Lester Beam said I had to kick hard to make that hole. This is not true. The wall is made of sheetrock, which is a very thin and brittle material. Secondly, my footwear was steeltoe shoes.

Another damage he claimed was due to kicking was the bottom right corner of the bathroom door. This damage had occurred well over a year prior to his accusation. I couldn’t believe that he was trying to use something that he already had known about for quite some time as “evidence.” The damage was caused by the bottom right corner of the door sticking to the floor. One night I tried to unstick it so that I could use the bathroom. The bottom right corner cracked while trying to get it unstuck. The next morning after it happened I reported what happened to the site supervisor. The site supervisor was not surprised as she herself previously had trouble with the door sticking on her. I also reported it to Lester Beam that Tuesday when I went pick up my payroll check.

The other damages were a couple dents in the wall. The dents had been there for some time. I had noticed them before. Considering he goes to the site every Monday I’m sure he noticed them as well. However, Lester Beam is a very dishonest person that will lie to protect himself, his company, and most importantly, his money. In this case he was trying to use damages he had known about for over a year as evidence of recent damages I inflicted.

The following Tuesday, June 24, 2014, when I went to pickup my paycheck he had a writeup for me. The writeup stated:

"Verbal reprimand with warning that one more infraction of any rule will result in his dismissal."

In other words, a worker that had been employed for almost four years with NO writeups and NO infractions as well as always helping out to fill in all of a sudden gets a writeup with the warning that one more infraction will result in dismissal. Is it me or does this sound fishy?

The infraction is listed as:

"Sleeping while on duty and kicking a hole in the wall."

In the writeup Lester Beam claims he had caught me sleeping while visiting the Ocean Marine Contractors – Gibson site. He claimed the incident occurred three weeks prior. I remember that morning he stopped by the site. If he really caught me sleeping then why didn’t he write me up sooner? Why wait three weeks? Once again, things just don’t add up.

He claimed that he had to honk the horn three times to wake me up. This was a flat out lie and I told him to his face he was lying. I’m a light sleeper. I wouldn’t even sleep through three honks of a horn at my own home in my own comfy bed, more or less in a guard shack in an uncomfortable chair.

Lester Beam says I came out the guard shack yawning and stretching. Yes, that is true. It was 5:AM in the morning. I had been sitting at a desk all night long. Of course I’m going to be yawning and stretching. Who wouldn’t be yawning and stretching after sitting at a desk for twelve hours all night long?

The writeup then states that George Tingle, brother-in-law of the owner of Ocean Marine Contractors, Tommie Cheramie, on several occasions had come to the site and had to wake me up to get on to the site. This is another lie. Of all the years no person has ever had to wake me up to get in to the site. Then, for George Tingle to state that this has happened several times is an bold-faced lie.

I confronted George Tingle in regards to this matter. He said that he never stated that it was several times. George Tingle stated that he told the security guard site supervisor that once he had to wake me up and twice he had to let himself in. So, I asked him when this time occurred that he had to wake me up. I then asked what was the issue when he had to let himself in. Did he just let himself in and not wake me up? He didn’t answer my questions and walked off.

It seems to me that George Tingle and Lester Beam didn’t get their lies straight when they planned this. It is my belief that this was planned in an attempt to have a premise to have a "legitimate" reason to terminate my employment. While in their eyes they think they covered their tracks. The fact of the matter is that their lies don’t add up and even conflict with what’s on the writeup. I used to respect George Tingle. I thought he was an honest man. Unfortunately, I’ve found out first hand that George Tingle will lie in an attempt to protect his brother-in-law’s company. It’s my belief that Lester Beam and George Tingle fabricated the false accusations so that Lester Beam would have a legitimate reason to terminate my employment. By doing so, they wouldn’t have to worry about me reporting the multiple safety violations to OSHA.

While the red and black cart was out of commission due to the multiple safety issues, the mechanic told the security site supervisor that I could use the orange cart with the green light on it. I went to check the cart out. I started the cart and then went to turn on the headlights. There was no switch to turn on the headlights. With no headlights I couldn’t use the cart. I turned the ignition switch off. The engine didn’t cut off.

I called Attecia Cheramie to let her know about the cart that wouldn’t shut off. She said she’d call the mechanic and then call me back. A couple minutes later she called back to say on the passenger side of the cart was a string. I had to pull the string to kill the engine. Seriously? The only way to turn off the cart was to pull a string on the passenger side? The string is not accessible by the driver. You have to get out of the cart and go around to the passenger side to pull an orange string (see image below).


On June 27, 2014 I filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. When Lester Beam handed me the writeup on June 24, 2014 I told him that I was going to talk to Tommie Cheramie about the issues of safety as well as about his brother-in-law slandering me. Lester Beam got angry and pointed to what appeared to be the rulebook for Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services. Lester Beam said that the guards are prohibited from contacting the client. That is, guards are prohibited from contacting the owner of the site they’re assigned to.

I considered that a violation of the National Labor Relations Act. Employees, under the National Labor Relations Act, have the right to discuss better and safer working conditions. By Lester Beam stating there’s a company rule that prohibits such, I feel that Lester Beam and Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services are in violation of the National Labor Relations Act. Joseph A. Hoffmann, Jr, an attorney with the National Labor Relations Board Region 15 in New Orleans, LA was the investigating attorney handling the charges I filed against Lester Beam and Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services.

On July 1, 2014 I went to pickup my payroll check. Brenda Beam was there. She told me that I was being moved to the Ocean Marine Contractors Morgan City, LA site. I asked why I was being moved. She stated that “All the guards are being moved around.” I responded, “Really? So ALL the guards are being moved around?” She said yes.

I can’t say I was surprised. Moving me to another site was one of the things they wanted to do. By moving me to the Ocean Marine Contractors Morgan City, LA site they could, in their mind, avoid suspicion of moving me for my threat to contact OSHA. The Ocean Marine Contractors Morgan City, LA site is a mere fraction of the size of the Gibson, LA site. By them moving me to that site I believe they figured I couldn’t notice all the safety issues that exists at the Gibson, LA site.

Only seven days later, on July 8, 2014 was payday. I went to pickup my check like normal. I asked Lester Beam if the Ocean Marine Contractors Morgan City, LA site had a microwave in the guard shack or whether there was a microwave available to the nighttime guard. He said, “It doesn’t matter.” I asked why it didn’t matter. I stated, “Last Tuesday Brenda said that I was being moved to the Ocean Marine Contractors Morgan City site.” He said, “No.” I responded, “Umm. OK. So does that mean I’ll be staying at the Ocean Marine Contractors Gibson site?” He responded “No.” I then asked, “Then what does this mean?” Lester Beam responded that my employment was being terminated. I asked why I was being terminated. He told me to look in my check envelope as the answer was on my termination paper.

The reason given was the SAME reason as was on the writeup. Even though the writeup said the next infraction would result in dismissal and there was no other infraction (even though there never was a legitimate infraction in the first place), Lester Beam was using that reason to terminate my employment. What annoyed me the most was the way he went about handling the matter. Instead of being a man and simply telling me my employment had been terminated he played a childish game of answering questions with short answers.

A few basic summaries:


  • No one should seek employment at Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services. The owners of the company (Lester Beam and Brenda Beam) are, in my opinion, crooked and dishonest. The pay is very low. I believe Lester Beam starts out at $7.25/hr (minimum wage). After almost four years with the company I was only making $7.50/hr.
  • Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services has little to no concern for safety of the employees. They do not have monthly “safety meetings” as Lester Beam claims is mandated by the Louisiana Board of Private Security Examiners for the sole reason that it costs them money. The meeting that took legal action to get compensated for was the ONLY safety meeting he’s ever had since I worked for him. It was also the last when he was pressured in to compensating his employees for their time.
  • Do not work for Ocean Marine Contractors. The company has little to no concern for the safety of the employees. The company will lie about you in order to get rid of you. In my case it was the owner’s brother-in-law collaborating with Lester Beam.

A certified letter was sent to Lester Beam’s registered agent, Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. on July 9, 2014 (view letter). It was received by Mr. Larocca’s office on July 10, 2014 at3:11 P.M. (view Return Receipt).
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Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services Investigative Report Updates

{slide=July 18, 2014 12:25 P.M.}
Around noon letters were sent to the following:


  • W. Stephen Orlando – President, Allison Marine Contractors, Inc.
  • Henry L. Robards, Jr – Vice President & Secretary of Allison Marine Contractors, Inc.
  • McArthur Giroir – Officer of Max Welders, LLC

The letters were not sent to the address of the respective company. The letters were mailed to what appeared to be residential addresses for the individuals. The addresses were obtained via the corporate filings with the Louisiana Secretary of State Corporations database.

These companies have contracts with Lester Beam and Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services for security guards. It’s not my intention to cause Lester Beam to lose any contracts. It is my goal to inform the heads of these companies about how dishonest and unethical Lester Beam is. As I stated in the letters, if there are safety issues at their site that the guard notices then that message might not get passed on. If Lester Beam thinks it’s an issue that would anger or annoy the client or if he thinks it would risk him losing the contract then he’d rather keep silent about it.{/slide}
{slide=July 21, 2014 3:52PM}
A little later on July 18, 2014, around 3:00 PM, I mailed off a letter to Mr. Kenneth H. O’Steen. He’s an officer of Landcom Hospitality Management. Landcom Hospitality Management owns some hotels in Louisiana, including the Holiday Inn located at 502 Roderick Street, Morgan City, LA. This hotel employs security officers from Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services. I wanted to notify Mr. O’Steen of Lester Beam’s dishonesty so that he and his establishment could be aware of any potential issues. My main concern for Mr. O’Steen’s establishment is the potential risk of safety issues that Lester Beam might not bring to their attention.{/slide}
{slide=July 26, 2014 11:59PM}
On July 25, 2014 around 2:30PM I mailed a letter via first class postage to Mr. Nick Larocca, Jr, registered agent of Lazer Claims Investigation & Security Services, LLC. The letter was to inform Mr. Lester Beam that his company was listed on my website. In the first letter (view letter) I sent I did notify him that the matter would be published on the Internet. You can view the letter that was sent to Mr. Larocca here.
{slide=July 28, 2014 9:40PM}
On July 28, 2014 at 10:23AM I received a response from Mr. Stephen Orlando, Chairman of Allison Marine Contractors. Mr. Orlando’s response was very unprofessional. He was responding to a letter I had sent him on July 18, 2014 (view letter sent to Mr. Stephen Orlando) in regards to Mr. Lester Beam’s dishonesty and lack of integrity. I was shocked to see the chairman of a company respond in such an aggressive and unprofessional manner. See his e-mail response below:


From: Steve Orlando <[email protected]>
CC: Hank Robards <[email protected]>, Marc Distefano <[email protected]>, “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Subject: Letter from Nick Hillebran
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 15:23:21 +0000


I don’t have time to address this BS, but it pissed me off so bad, I took the time.
I am in receipt of your letter addressing issues that you have with Lester and Brenda Bream along with LCI. As you know, there is always two sides to every story and I am responding to you with knowledge of only your side. I have employed thousands of people over the years and have had problems with very few. It’s not easy to own and run a company and that’s why everyone doesn’t do it. Dealing with people like you make it difficult. I find it strange that you have wasted so much time and effort on going after your former employer, Lester Bream, instead of writing it off as a bad experience. Your effort is a losing battle for and it exposes who you really are, a trouble maker. The only thing you are trying to do is hurt Lester while in reality you’re damaging yourself. Its energy wasted in a negative way when you should move on and better yourself. Hank Robards is the President of Allison and Marc Distefano is the general manager. I have copied them as well as Lester on this email to make sure that we never allow you on our property.

Steve Orlando | Chairman

[] Allison Marine Holdings, LLC
400 East Kaliste Saloom Road Suite 3200
Lafayette, LA. 70508
Email: [email protected]
Office: 337-706-8707
Fax: 337-706-8762
Cell: 985-397-2000


Firstly, Mr. Stephen Orlando addressed me as “Nick.” In my letter to him, I addressed the salutation as “Mr. Orlando” as anyone should do when writing a professional letter to a company. Secondly, he started the e-mail off with:


I don’t have time to address this BS, but it pissed me off so bad, I took the time.

My letter addressed Lester Beam’s lack of concern and action in regards to matters of safety at another site. Me warning Mr. Beams’s clients of his dishonesty and lack of integrity is not, in my opinion, “BS.” In any case, that is an unprofessional response to articulate one’s disagreement with a subject matter. Mr. Orlando then followed up with saying I pissed him off. How? In the letter I said nothing negative about him or his company.

Further in the e-mail he refers to me as a troublemaker and makes the statement that dealing with people like me make it difficult to run a company. Seriously? Is Mr. Orlando’s skin that thin? My letter warning him of:


  • Mr. Lester Beam’s dishonesty throughout the years.
  • Mr. Lester Beam’s illegal actions of the past.
  • Mr. Lester Beam’s lack of concern for safety as well as failing to properly address safety issues.
  • Mr. Lester Beam illegally conspiring against his own employee for attempting to ensure a safe workplace

That pissed him off? If someone contacted me about a potential matter of safety or about the potential dishonesty of a company or individual I’m paying money to, I wouldn’t react so aggressively towards them. The only thing I agree with is his thought that there’s two sides to every story. I have no doubt in my mind that Lester Beam will lie. I’ve seen the man do it multiple times in the past. I’ve seen him lie to my face about things that he and I both knew were wrong. For some reason, I’m guessing Lester Beam thinks people are retarded.

Finally, he states in the e-mail the hierarchy of administrative personnel. He is the Chairman. He then says Hank Robards is the President of Allison Marine Contractors and Marc Distefano is the general manager. I’m guessing he’s pointing this out as I had referred to Mr. Stephen Orlando as the President and Henry L. Robards, Jr. as the Vice President and Secretary. My information is based upon Allison Marine Contractor’s corporate filings with the Louisiana Secretary of State (view Allison Marine Contractors, Inc Corporate Filings).

Per the Louisiana Secretary of State Corporations database, it has Mr. Stephen Orlando as President and Director. It has Henry L. Robards, Jr. as Vice-President and Director. I’m not disputing Mr. Orlando’s claim. However, since the titles and roles have changed, I feel they should update their information. Per the Louisiana Secretary of State their last filing was on April 16, 2014 and as of today, Allison Marine Contractors is not in good standing for failure to file Annual Report.

Based on Mr. Orlando’s unprofessional response and what appears as his lack of concern for the potential safety, I would not recommend anyone apply for employment at Allison Marine Contractors. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, when the chairman of a company lashes out in such as aggressive and unprofessional manner without provocation, then i don’t see that as a stable leadership role for any company.{/slide}
{slide=July 28, 2014 10:55PM}
I responded to Mr. Stephen Orlando’s email with the following:


Dear Mr. Orlando:

I do not appreciate your cynical and unprofessional response.  I expected much more from the Chairman of a company such as Allison Marine Contractors.  While you’re entitled to your opinion, your tone was that of an unprofessional and aggressive person.  You expressed unwarranted anger.  I’ve updated the Investigative Report with your email response.

Not only was your unwarranted rage confusing but your statement that you want to make sure that I will never be allowed on the property was quite humorous.  I have no reason to ever visit the site, therefore, your determination to ensure I never step food on it makes me wonder what you’re so afraid of.  Due to your attitude, I will be researching Allison Marine Contractors to see what the company may be hiding.  Usually such defenses are warranted based upon something much deeper.  This is where investigation using online resources come in to play.  All findings will be posted on KnowNothing.Net under an Investigative Report for Allison Marine Contractors.

Nicholas P. Hillebran

{slide=November 12, 2014 3:00 PM}
At 9:43 AM I received an email from Laurie Hartman ([email protected]), Assistant to Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. The email was their response to the complaint I filed against their client, Lester Beam, with the National Labor Relations Board. To date Mr. Beam has refused to make any sort of settlement offer. The response, which is what they filed with the National Labor Relations Board, basically denies any wrongdoing on the part of Lester Beam and his company, Lazer Claims Investigation and Security Services. Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca seems to think that their client is completely innocent of any wrongdoing and that there’s no evidence to support my claims. Therefore, I can only assume that Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca condones the illegal and immoral actions of Mr. Lester Beam.

If anyone is thinking of using the services of Mr. Larocca then please take in to account that he has no issues with defending immoral people that believe in lying and violating the law.
{slide=March 31, 2015 11:57PM}
It’s been a while since I’ve updated this Investigative Report. In my last updated I mentioned that Lester Beams’s attorney, Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. responded to the charges I filed with the National Labor Relations Board. Unfortunately, Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr’s responses were filed with what I consider lies (view response).

Basically, it was claimed that I was rightfully terminated. That is, based upon those lies that Lester Beam had written on the writeup and discharge paper. It was also stated in the response that I could not be rehired nor was entitled to backpay because:


  1. Hillebran was discharged for cause;
  2. Hillebran’s physical presence has been banned by all of Respondent’s customers/clients and he is no longer permitted access to the property of such customers/clients by the said customers/clients.

The first issue was false. I was not discharged on a valid cause. The "cause  was false allegations fabricated by Mr. Lester Beam and his accomplice, Mr. George Tingle, brother-in-law of the owner of Ocean Marine Contractors.

The second excuse that Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. gave was a lie. According to the statement, all of the clients/customers of Lazer Claims Investigation and Security Services had banned me from their property. The only company that had ever notified me of being banned was Allison Marine.

I found it odd that so many companies had banned me, yet they didn’t even know me. Why was I banned from said companies? The only thing I had done was send them a letter warning them of Mr. Lester Beam’s immoral and illegal actions. I never said anything bad about them. On that note, all of these companies (i.e. Respondant’s customers/clients) had my contact information. My letterhead included my name, mailing address, and phone numbers. If I had truly been banned by all of those companies then why had not a single one of them (save Allison Marine Contractors) contact me?

If a company bans a person from their physical property then wouldn’t they need to notify the person of being banned? Mr. Lester Beam nor his attorney ever notified me of being banned from his client’s properties. The response mentioning my alleged ban wasn’t until months after I had been fired and had mailed off my letters. Had I truly been banned then I do believe that said clients as well as Mr. Beam and his attorney would have notified me of such.

The last response submitted to the National Labor Relations Board was on December 31, 2014. Only a few days after submitting these lies to the court, Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. contacted my attorney to settle out of court. Hold on! Hold the gravy train! Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. had just submitted five pages of reasons why his client is innocent. Five pages of lies about why I couldn’t be rehired or compensated for backpay. Yet, my attorney was contacted. The settlement was my backpay. I cannot discuss the amount of the backpay as that was part of the contract I signed.

In regards to the contract that Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr’s office typed up, I have a few issues. For one, the contract stated that I was not allowed the discuss the amount of backpay with anyone except for immediate family members or those that would require it in a court of law. I found that to be an ignorant stipulation. Firstly, anyone wanting to know what I got only had to ask an immediate family member of mine. They’re not bound to withholding such information. Secondly, if Mr. Lester Beam was so concerned about people knowing about the backpay, then why was it mentioned in the notice?

Part of the agreement with the National Labor Relations Board required Lester Beam to place a notice in his office for sixty days as well as mail a copy of the notice to each of his employees. The notice basically said that due to the lawsuit I filed against him, he was removing the rule that stated you could not discuss your pay with other employees. He also mentioned in the notice that I received backpay. Why?! Personally, I could care less if anyone knew I received it or how much I received. I just found it odd that someone who seemed to be so secretive about the backpay (i.e. stipulation in contract) was going to publicize such related information.

As previously-mentioned, Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr’s office typed up the contract. They also submitted the lies to the court on Lester Beam’s behalf. Now, in the response, it was stated that I could not be rehired (two reasons listed above). Yet, in the last sentence of the first page of the contract, it states I was offered my job back but declined the offer. How in the heck is it that they can tell the court I can’t be hired back, yet in a contract it’s stated that I was offered my job back. The court submission and the contract are two documents typed of by Nicholas F. Larocca’s office that contradict each other.

In relation to my employment, there was a stipulation that I agreed never to seek employment with Lester Beam, Lazer Claims Investigation and Security Services, or any name LCI chooses to go by. I found that to be a completely retarded clause. First and foremost, why in the hell would I want to work for such a crooked and dishonest person again? Next, even if I were that dimwitted, then what’s the big deal? Lester Beam owns the company. All he had to do was deny my application. Louisiana is an at will employment state. There’s nothing that requires Lester Beam or LCI to hire me.

Another example of secrecy was a clause stating that I was not allowed to post the contract on the Internet. Once again, why the secrecy? I can talk to people about the contract (except for the amount of backpay). The only thing posting it online would do is backup my claims posted in this Investigative Report. Now, I have mentioned some terms of the contract, however, that is not posting the actual contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. would attempt to claim that I breached that clause of the contract. I would imagine he’d claim that by me even mentioning some of the terms of the contract that it’s the same as posting the contract. However, the wording says that I cannot post the contract on the Internet. Therefore, I have not scanned the contract nor shown it to anyone via the Internet.

Thus far, it seems as if the Investigative Report may be over with Lazer Claims Investigation and Security Services. However, should anything occur that involves Lester Beam or his company, I will be sure to update this Investigative Report.