Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr.

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Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. Profile
Business Name Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr.
Office Address 607 Brashear Ave, Morgan City, LA 70380
Home Address 589 Fairview Drive, Berwick, LA 70342
Office Phone 985-385-4800
Office Fax 985-385-6002
Home Phone 985-384-5054
Email None Listed
Type of business Law Firm and Notary


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Nicholas F. Larocca Investigative Report

I first used Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr’s services around October of 2006 due to an automobile accident. The main issue I had with him was that he did not communicate very well with me. During the first part of the case, which involved compensation for totaling my vehicle, Mr. Larocca dropped the ball big time.

The insurance company was about to stop paying for my rental car and I attempted to contact Mr. Larocca for over a week. I had left at least three messages with his secretary in regards to the matter. All he had to do was call me to tell me what the insurance company was offering and ask whether I would accept the offer or not. The compensation for my vehicle was pretty straight forward. Insurance companies usually go according to the blue book value of the vehicle. It’s not as much of a negotiable issues as with compensation for pain and suffering.

I finally called and asked to speak to Mr. Larocca. His secretary said he was busy and if I wanted to I could leave my name and number. I told her that this was ridiculous. Three times I had left my name and number. She responded that he had been very busy that week. Really? So an attorney is so busy that he can’t take five minutes or less out of his schedule to update his client on the status of a case? Mr. Larocca knew that I had no vehicle due to my car being totaled.

I told his secretary that he had until the end of the business day to contact me or he was fired. She responded that if I terminated his services then I would sill owe for the work that he had done. I asked her what work he had done. Up until that point not much had been done. I informed her that if he wanted the money then he could take me to court. I also informed her that should I be required to terminate his services then I would be filing the matter with the Louisiana Bar Association’s Disciplinary Board. It was in my opinion that Mr. Larocca was in violation of the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct. Most notably, I felt he was in violation of Rule 1.4 (Communication). Under Rule 1.4 Mr. Larocca failed to communicate with the client (i.e. myself).

A few years later an incident occurred where I felt Mr. Larocca acted in an unethical manner. Mr. Larocca ended up costing a person their job. I wil not go in to details to protect the victim of the incident in question. However, it showed me the true colors of Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr.

Fast forward to 2014. On July 8, 2014 I was illegally terminated from my job with Lazer Claims Investigation and Security Services. The owner of the company, Mr. Lester Beam, fabricated false allegations and conspired with an accomplice in order to have a "legitimate" reason to terminate my employment. Prior to my termination I had contacted the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board). Mr. Beam hired Mr. Larocca to represent him in this case.

Mr. Larocca’s office responded to the charges and basically denied that Mr. Beam committed any wrongdoing. Not only did Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr’s office deny that his client was guilty of any wrongdoing, his office also submitted false information to the National Labor Relations Board.

Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. had submitted an initial response a few months after I fled charges against his client with the National Labor Relations Board. Then, on December 31, 2014, Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr’s office submitted an additional response in regards to additional charges that I had filed.

The response basically stated that I was rightfully terminated and that his client didn’t owe me any backpay. The fact of the matter is that Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr’s client did not rightfully terminate my employment. The fact of the matter is that his client conspired with the brother-in-law, Mr. Geroge Tingle, of the owner of Ocean Marine Contractors, Mr. Tommie Cheramie. Mr. Larocca’s client, Mr. Lester Beam as well as Mr. George Tingle fabricated false allegations against me. Then, Mr. Lester Beam wrote me up based upon their false allegations and two weeks later illegally terminated my employment based upon the false allegations he and his accomplice fabricated.

In Mr. Larocca’s December 31, 2014 response (view response), he submitted lies to the National Labor Relations Board. He stated that I was not able to be rehired as all of his client’s customers and clients had banned me from their property. However, in a contract typed up by Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr’s, it stated that I was offered my job back yet declined the job offer. How can I be offered a job that I was unable to get due to Mr. Larocca’s client’s clients having banned me?

I believe that I was not banned by all of Mr. Beam’s clients. In addition, if I were truly banned by all of Larocca’s client’s clients, then how come I didn’t get any notification from most or all of them? How come, prior to the response to the court, Mr. Larocca nor his client, Mr. Lester Beam, ever notified me of being banned? It was about three months or so after I filed the charges that Mr. Larocca responded on his client’s behalf.

Only a few days after Mr. Larocca submitted the lies to the National Labor Relations Board, he contacted my attorney in order to settle out of court. Now, if his client was so innocent and done everything by the book, then why did he offer to settle so quickly after submitting the lies?

It seems to me that Mr. Larocca condones the immoral and illegal actions of his client. It saddens me to see that an attorney is going to attempt to protect a crooked and dishonest person from being held accountable for their actions. I would not recommend anyone use the services of Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. By using his services you are financially supporting him and enabling him to protect more crooked and dishonest people.
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Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. Investigative Report Updates

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I discovered that Mr. Nicholas F. Larocca, Jr. is running for judge. Mr. Larocca’s has a Facebook page, The Committee to Elect Nicholas Larocca, to promote his election campaign. He also has a Twitter account (@Laroccaforjudge) setup as well.

  I have posted a link on my Twitter account (@knownothingdot) and tagged Mr. Larocca’s campaign account. I do not feel that Mr. Larocca’s questionable actions would constitute as that of an honest judge.