P&S Renovations

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P & S Renovations Company Profile
Business Name P & S Renovations & Lansscaping Corp
Alias Back To Life Renovations & Landscaping Corp
Business Owners Peter Edward Allen
  Sherry A Strauss
Alias Owner Michael Allen
Original Address 11177 Winchester Park Drive, Suite. 325, New Orleans, LA 70128 [Street View]
New Address 1218 Saint Ferdinand St., Suite 106, New Orleans, LA 70117 [Street View]
Phone 504-248-1890
Fax 504-496-4807
Website www.psrenovations.com
Email [email protected]
Type of business Construction and Remodeling Services



You may notice that there are two business names for P & S Renovations.  Originally, the business name listed was P & S Renovations.  I recently noticed (9-25-08) on their website that their business name and address has changed.

P & S Renovations, per the Louisiana Secretary of State Corporate database, has Mr. Peter Allen listed as the registered agent for P & S Renovations.  The registered agent for Back To Life Renovations is Michael Allen.  The address listed on the corporate filings for Back To Life Renovations is the same as the new address listed above.  For more information about this discovery, you can read the details in the Report Updates section.

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P & S Renovations Investigative Report

P & S Renovations is a construction and remodeling contract company based out of New Orleans, LA. A friend of mine’s husband contracted out this company to do an addition to their home. The job was to be a 18ft by 31ft room. The owner of P & S Renovations (Peter Allen) stated that the job would be completed in two weeks, however, put four weeks on the contract. Mr. Allen requested a down payment of $10,000. Before two weeks were even up there were problems.


  • Some workers did not want to work.
  • The wife of the person that contracted the company out had to drive 27.8 miles (roundtrip) to pick the workers up from and bring them back to the hotel.
  • Deal with sexual harassment from one of the workers.
  • An unsafe environment for the children as the workers were too lazy to pick up their tools and debris from the back yard.

According to the wife, the owner would oftentimes have to go back to New Orleans to pick up more materials. This task would take him a few days. Once he would drop off the materials, he would go back to New Orleans. In my opinion, I feel it was the owner’s responsibility to provide reliable transportation to and from the hotel. Peter Allen accepted the job and therefore knew beforehand that reliable transportation would be needed.

A complaint was made with the owner about the sexual harassment and the individual was fired. In addition, new workers were sent out as some of the others did not want to work. They would work for a few hours and then would want to be taken back to the hotel (i.e. sometimes not even putting in a half day’s work). Before four weeks was up, the owner stated that an additional $5,000 would be needed so they could continue the work. This is even after the fact that these victims had already paid out of their own pocket for additional materials. These materials were supplies that P & S Renovations should have supplied their self.

After the workers stopped showing up for work (i.e. they didn’t call for a ride) the victims attempted to call Mr. Peter Allen. All they kept getting were excuses from Mr. Allen. Eventually, Mr. Allen went to the residence, picked up their tools, and left. The comment to they couldn’t find anyone to do the job (i.e. build a 18ft by 131ft addition) for that price ($16,000+). In a way, I have to agree. If you look at the pictures I have posted, you can see the sloppy work that was done by P & S Renovations. Furthermore, Mr. Allen’s employees cut sections of the roof off and never fixed them. Therefore, every time it rains water gets in to the walls of the home.

Currently, Mr. Allen continues to tell the husband that he is going to come out and finish the job. This promise has been made multiple times over the course of weeks. Never has Mr. Allen fulfilled his obligation.

These victims have tried as much as they could to remedy the situation to no avail. They have tried the following:

  • Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau – The company has been a member of the BBB since they started operation in January of 2008. P & S Renovations has ignored the BBB complaint. I have checked on the BBB website and according to the BBB, P & S Renovations has "…satisfactory record with the BBB. The BBB has processed no customer complaints on this company in its three-year reporting period." That’s odd. What happened to the complaint filed by these people? The BBB finally sent the victims a letter stating that the company has failed to respond to their request. This is just another example of how the BBB protects their members.
  • Contacted the New Orleans Parish DA’s (District Attorney) Office.
    • The New Orleans Parish DA’s Office told her that it was out of their jurisdiction because she lived in Assumption Parish.
    • She went to the Assumption Parish DA. The Assumption Parish DA’s Office sent her to the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office to file charges.
    • The detective talked to her and told her he would let her know if the Assumption Parish DA’s Office would accept the charges. Furthermore, he stated that the DA might not accept the charges because the company is located in another Parish. It has been over six weeks and she has received no response in regards to the matter.
  • Filed a complaint with the Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors. She was told to forward all contracts and so forth and they would see what they could do. No response yet.

It is really sad when a person gets ripped off and the agencies that are there to aide and protect people from these scams simply ignore the victim and brush them off. For example, you have the DA’s Offices giving people the runaround and not giving a damn about anything.

One interesting thing to note is that the address listed on the Company Profile is the personal home of Peter Allen. Also, please note that the address says "Suite 325." How can a one-story home have 325 suites in it? In addition, the home is being sold because of a Judgment of Foreclosure against the home.

I highly advise that you stay away from P & S Renovations and Peter Allen. The company and owner are nothing but a sham that scams people out of their money. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it seems that you cannot even trust the Better Business Bureau as they protect their members. I have personally witnessed the BBB doing favors on other occasions.

Sloppy Work of P & S Renovations

Below are just a few pictures of the sloppy job done by the workers of P & S Renovations. On the RipOffReport, the person that filed the report stated that the owner told her that no one would do a job for the same price. Well, Mr. Allen is correct. I would hope that no one would do such a sloppy job for $16,000.


Wood is cracked and was not cut straight.
Another piece of wood cracked.
Wood not cut and aligned properly.
Wood not cut and aligned properly. Sloppy patch work.
Sloppy patch work.
Improperly cut wood.
More improperly cut and aligned wood.
Because of of sloppy work, the wood is sagging and puddles of water have formed.
Looking up, you can see the outter wall does not go all the way to the top as it should.
As you can see, the posts are not properly constructed. There are large gaps between what should be no gaps. Looks like the wood was warped.
Another sloppy job of cutting the wood.
Here the plywood is overlapping other pieces of plywood. Do these people need glasses?
Very large crack. You can see the ground below.
Another large crack and patchwork.
Can you say no to crack?

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P & S Renovations Investigative Report Updates

{slide=August 7, 2008 1920 (CDT/-600 GMT)}

I just sent an email to the New Orleans DA’s Public Information Officer, Dalton Savwoir, Jr. ([email protected]). Below is the email I sent to Mr. Savwoir:

Dear Mr. Savwoir:

I have some questions about the functions of the DA for the City of New Orleans. A friend of mine was ripped off by a company located in New Orleans (P & S Renovations). My friend and her husband gave the company a little over $16,000 for the construction of a room addition to their home. The company done a very sloppy job:


  • Utilization of cracked plywood
  • Utilization of warped 2x4s
  • Gaps in the floors and wall which could lead to insect infestations as well as electrical problems (e.g. electrical fire) when water would leak in
  • Sexual harassment from workers

The owner of the company, Mr. Peter Edward Allen, decided after a few weeks of work to simply quit. He and his workers left and did not even complete 35% of the job. Now, Mr. Allen stated to these people that he was licensed and insured. I have checked the database of the Louisiana State Board of Contractors. Mr. Allen nor his company is registered, therefore, Mr. Allen obtained the job under false pretenses.

My friend stated she contacted the New Orleans DA’s Office. She was told that because she lived in Assumption Parish that it was out of the New Orleans Parish jurisdiction. She was told that she needed to contact the Assumption Parish DA’s Office. She then went to the Assumption Parish D.A.’s Office. The Assumption Parish DAs Office secretary told her she needed to file a police report with the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office. The detective at the Sheriff’s Office told her that he would send the charges to the DA’s Office, but he wasn’t sure if anything would be done because the company is out of the Assumption Parish jurisdiction.

I think that is quite absurd that the public cannot depend on the local offices to perform their jobs or assist consumers. I thought that was what the government was for. I have posted the matter on my website (https://www.knownothing.net/p-and-s-renovations) so that others can be warned about the unethical and immoral actions of Mr. Allen and P & S Renovations. I would like to know what is the "proper" office this lady should contact?

Nicholas P. Hillebran

{slide=August 9, 2008 1:26 P.M. (CDT/-600 GMT)}
Today Peter Allen called the wife and asked to speak to the husband. He was not at home. So, when the husband returned, he tried to call Peter back and got no answer. Around 9:38 A.M. Peter returned the call and told the husband that he wanted them to email him with everything they have on him. The husband told Peter that if he did not come out then they were going to get an attorney and sue him. So, Peter told them to go ahead and get an attorney because all an attorney would do is just send him another letter telling him to fulfill his agreement.

As you can see, this scumbag went from lying multiple times about coming back out to finish the job to now just not caring at all. Peter doesn’t care that these people gave him over $16,000. He doesn’t care that he agreed to do a job. All he cares about is he scammed them out of their money and he feels that there’s nothing that can be done to him. This is why I highly suggest that people stay away from this con artist of P & S Renovations in New Orleans, LA.

I have just sent an email to Peter Allen of P & S Renovations notifying him of this Investigative Report. He has the option to reply with a rebuttal, which will be posted on the website.{/slide}
{slide=August 11, 2008 12:15 P.M. (CDT/-600 GMT)}
I have received word that the Assumption Parish District Attorney’s Office has pretty much ignored the matter. The Assumption Parish District Attorney’s Office has told the victims that they spoke with Peter and he has stated to them that he completed the job. It’s amazing! The Assumption Parish District Attorney’s Office takes the word of a con artist that steals over $16,000 and then they just brush it off. The Assumption Parish District Attorney’s Office said that since he stated the job was completed then it is a civil matter. In other words, they are going to sit on their lazy butts and do nothing and it is now up to the victimized consumer to come up with more money to hire an attorney to file suit against the scumbag (Peter Allen, owner of P & S Renovations).

They have spoken with an attorney. Unfortunately the attorney has stated that it will cost a large amount of money, on an hourly basis, and then they still may not recover any money. This is a perfect example of the corrupt and lazy governmental system we have in Louisiana. Agencies that are allegedly there to help and protect consumers do nothing but drink coffee, eat doughnuts, and collect a paycheck.

If you would like to submit your comments to the con artist, Peter Allen, then his email address is under the Company Profile.{/slide}
{slide=September 25, 2008 8:40 A.M. (CDT/-600 GMT)}
The domain for P&S Renovations is registered and hosted through EveryContractor.com. I have notified them of Mr. Allen’s illegal and unethical activities. They have been sent the URL of this Investigative Report. I encouraged them to look at the pictures of the very poor quality of work done by P&S Renovations.{/slide}{/tabs}