Pizza Hut

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Business Name Pizza Hut

14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75254


7244 Us Hwy 90 East
Morgan City, LA 70380





Type of business Restaurant

Editor’s Note


Pizza Hut in Morgan City, LA is no longer open. The exact reason for their closure is unknown. It has been rumored that the closure was due to sanitary conditions.

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Pizza Hut Investigative Report

The incident in this report happened on December 11, 1998. What inspired me to write about it is the growing number of restaurants that simply seem to not care about the sanitation conditions of their facilities. I have even noticed quite a few reports about Pizza Hut on, some even regarding the sanitation conditions of other Pizza Hut facilities.

On December 11, 1998, I was taken out to the local Pizza Hut by my niece and her boyfriend [at the time] for my birthday. We ordered two pizzas. We received them with no problems. We even ate over half of the two pizzas.

While eating, we noticed on a couple occasions that ants were crawling on the table. We killed the couple of ants and thought nothing of it. After all, it was raining outside and it’s not uncommon to see ants heading for drier ground. Well, my niece thought she had seen one of the ants crawl under the pizza. Her boyfriend and I lifted the pizza up to check it out. Fortunately, no ants had crawled under the pizza, however, we did notice that there were quite a few ants baked in to the bottom of the pizza.

It seems as if the ants had gotten in the dough that they store in the coolers. We notified the person serving us. The lady apologized and told us we didn’t have to pay for the meal [I feel it was the least they could do]. She also offered us access to the salad bar for free.

I am reminded of this incident every birthday I have [since it on my birthday the incident happened]. A few years after the incident I had decided to e-mail Pizza Hut about the incident just to let them know how I felt. I never received a response. So, I decided to send a letter to their office listed on the website [the same address listed as their corporate office]. Never received a response via postal mail either.

I then decided to look them up on There are nine pages of complaints listed about Pizza Hut on Ranging from sanitation conditions to various locations ripping off customers. It was even mentioned in a couple complaints that Pizza Hut never responded. Seeing as I never received a response, I was not surprised when I read this.

Since the incident, I have not eaten Pizza Hut pizza, no matter what location it is from. Now that I see Pizza Hut seems to not care in the least bit about the sanitization of their locations or the unethical business practices of the locations that allegedly ripped people off, I have decided to post my own issue on the Internet. Mainly warning people of the sanitization issues, especially anyone in my local area that might eat at the Morgan City Pizza Hut.

I will be doing the following actions:

  • Sending a letter to their corporate office, with attention to the President, John J. Murphy, notifying him of my report on this website and the one on
  • Sending a letter to the local Department of Health requesting a copy of the inspection records on the local Pizza Hut from 1997 to present. In the request, I will be notifying them why I am requesting such documentation [i.e. For the purpose of seeing whether there were other sanitization issues at the time and to establish whether the local Pizza Hut has a history of sanitization issues].

Investigative Reports are not part of any government or law enforcement investigation. The reports are my own personal investigation of the company/person the Investigative Report is about.